Best Tea for Sore Throat and Cough

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Best Tea for Sore Throat and Cough

Suffering from sore throat and cough could be very painful and uncomfortable. There are the best tea for sore throat and cough that you can use as home remedies to help treating such conditions. When such problem occurs, the inflammation can be causes by various factors. You will not only have cough as one of symptoms accompanied sore throat, but also there may be body aches, fatigue, and fever as well.

Herbal, Fusion, Spiced, and Traditional Tea as the Best Tea for Sore Throat and Cough

  • Herbal tea: slippery elm
    Herbal tea may soothe sore throat and cough in some ways. The herb used might contain mucilage type which will coat mucus membrane and speed up healing process. The herb might possess the properties of anti-inflammatory as well or enhance your body immune system. Herbs like slippery elm and Eucalyptus would be effective to treat sore throats and cough. Inner bark of slippery elm will be able to coat your mucus membrane in the throat. You can stir its powder into one glass of water to make the best tea for sore throat and cough and drink it as organic tea. Alternatively, you can take this ingredient in the form of lozenge.
  • Herbal tea: Eucalyptus
    Another herbal tea as the best tea for sore throat and cough is made of Eucalyptus. Drinking this herb as tea will help assisting your mucus to be thinned out. To get maximum result, it would be the best to use it as vapor to inhale. You need to add 1-2 drop into hot water. Cover your head with washcloth and inhale its steam. But, remember that this ingredient can give adverse effect when it is used to children.
  • Fusion tea: combination of lemon and honey
    Another type of the best tea for sore throat and cough is fusion tea. What is fusion tea? It is tea that is infused using natural sweeteners to add health benefits. For instance, it is combined with honey as natural sweetener. Honey itself may help reducing inflammation in your throat. The combination of lemon with honey in a tea will be able to alleviate the symptoms more. Generally, the warmth from tea will thin out mucus. Meanwhile, the honey will soothe surrounding tissues as well. Besides, the acidity from lemon can provide some properties of anti-inflammatory.
  • Spiced tea: ginger and cinnamon
    Various spiced teas have the components of antifungal, mucus-loosening, and potent antibacterial to which help soothing sore throat. Ginger and cinnamon are some of the recommended teas for sore throat and cough. Ginger tea can work as expectorant that help breaking up mucus and clear your cough. You should use two tablespoons of chopped ginger and then pour seven ounces hot water.
  • Traditional tea: green tea, white tea, black tea, etc.
    The last type of best tea for sore throat and cough is traditional tea. It could be white tea, black tea, green tea, or other tea derived from Camellia Sinensis. These teas are commonly used in the households. Traditional teas have powerful antioxidants content to support your body immune system to be healthy.