How To Make Fever Blisters Go Away

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How to make Fever Blisters Go Away

Not many people have much idea on what exactly fever blisters are in the first place and the methods on how to make fever blisters go away. It may come as no surprise since it is such an uncommon disease which affects several people with certain medical condition. Yet, it does not mean that you do not really need to know anything which has to do with the disease itself. Well, all kind of knowledge is worth knowing and learning for all of you. In simple, you should know a thing or two about what fever blisters can do to us and everything that comes with it.

What is Fever Blisters and How to mitigate it?

Fever blisters or in more down to earth word is called sore cold, is actually a degenerative disease caused by herpes simplex virus which causes herpes disease. It is transmitted through unsafe sexual intercourse with an infected person. Well, the virus is transmitted through direct contact with such person. In this case, the blisters themselves will appear after several days of incubation on certain parts of your body where the virus remains very active. They will appear as series of white swelling which causes burning and tingling sensation when it is exposed to sunlight or stress. Thus, the methods on how to make fever blisters go away are really important.

Fortunately, there are several home-made medications which can be used to cure fever blisters effectively. Here is the list of medications on how to cure fever blisters.

Whole milk
The very first home-made medicine for fever blisters is whole milk. This nutritious drink, as useful as it is for our body growth, has magical properties for this disease. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, immunoglobulins, and monocaprin which are good to fight off the virus and prevent further infection respectively. All you have to do with it is just applying cotton ball which is previously soaked in whole milk for about ten minutes or so. Do the process several times a day for a week.

There is a reason to why many people like to use ice compress. This method on how to make fever blisters go away can actually do many things for first aid treatment. In this case, ice can be used to alleviate the burning and tingling sensation and reduce the blisters on certain parts of your body. All you have to do is just wrapping the ice cubes with washcloth. Put it on the affected area, and leave it for ten minutes or so. Do it every four hours for effective result.

Last ingredient on how to make fever blisters go away can actually do many things in curing the disease. Thanks to its anti-bacterial andante-inflammatory properties, garlic can kill off the viruses and prevent another infection. What you have to do is just crushing the garlic and apply it on affected area. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Do the process three or four times a day.

Those are tips on how to make fever blisters go away. Burning and painful swelling will be a thing in the past.

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