Doterra Essential Oil for Sore Throat

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Doterra Essential Oil for Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the annoying health issues that often make you feel uncomfortable. Using Doterra essential oil for sore throat might be a popular option to do. As it goes with conventional essential oil, this product is extracted from plants through distillation process. The plants used are harvested on its prime condition in order to get the best essential oil quality. The harvested plants are processed through steam distillation process. This process will give aromatic compounds in form of high concentrated essential oil. The process used to obtain this product makes it effective products that you can use to heal sore throat. Here are some methods that are often applied to use Doterra essential oil.

Application Methods for Doterra Essential Oil

  1. Aromatic
    If you decided to use Doterra essential oil for sore throat treatment, you probably want to use it through aromatic method. This method takes advantage of your smelling sense. The therapeutic benefit of this method is not only limited to your physical condition, but also emotional and psychological as well. That is how strong Doterra essential oil actually is. The calming invigorating effect from aromatic method of Doterra can be used to speed up the healing process of sore throat. In order to do so, you will need cotton ball. Drop few of this essential oil in it and place the cotton ball close to the air ventilation. The aroma of this essential oil will evaporate and spread throughout the room.
  2. Internal
    When it comes for sore throat treatment, using Doterra essential oil internally is one effective method that you can use. Internal method of using this particular product is by consuming it. Using essential oil as the ingredient of some cuisine is common practice. People add specific essential oil into their cooking to improve its taste. In case of Doterra essential oil, it is not only making the taste more appealing, but also give health benefit as well. The best part about it is that you can drop few Doterra into beverages as well. Aside from water, you can add it into your milk.
  3. Topical
    Aside from those two methods, you can use Doterra essential oil for sore throat in topical method. Topical method means that you need to apply it directly to the affected area, in this case, your neck. As mentioned before, essential oil is in high concentration. You might need to use carrier oil before applying it to your skin directly. This particular essential oil evaporates easily. Your skin will absorb the particles of evaporated essential oil easily. As for the carrier oil, it is advisable to use coconut oil. Diluting Doterra in coconut oil will make it evaporate even faster. Moreover, coconut oil also has health benefit to speed up the sore throat healing process.
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As conclusion, Doterra is recommended for two main reasons. The first reason is its health benefit. As mentioned before, it comes from selected ingredients. The ingredients are processed in unique way to get high quality essential oil. The second reason is related to its easy application. You can use it using aromatic, topical, and internal method. Those are the reasons why it is recommended to use Doterra essential oil for sore throat.

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