Best Essential Oils for Eyelash Growth

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Essential Oils for Eyelash Growth

Having long eyelashes is somewhat every woman’s dream. It simply is among the recipes that women believe can make them looking more beautiful. Based on this reason, the use of essential oils for eyelash growth has been more popular. Instead of using chemical-based serum or eyelash extension, the natural oils make better choices because it doesn’t cause any infection, allergic reactions and other similar problems. Despite of genetic factor that affects the length of the eyelash, these essentials oils can still give significant result following regular use.

3 Best Essentials for Eyelash Growth

  1. Castor Oil. The castor oil makes the best essential oils for eyelash growth. It works almost like magic. Apparently, this is not only working to lengthen eyelash but also to grow the eyebrow and your hair. What a great use of oil, right? Furthermore, it also contains a lot of useful properties including the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These properties alone combined with numerous nutrients create a very effective natural formula to encourage the hair growth. When you decide to use this oil, you have to choose the natural castor oil that is free from hexane. Follow this instruction to use the oil. First, you need to wash the area around your eyes from any cosmetic or makeup products. Once you are done with the cleansing, get a cotton swab or finger and use it to apply the oil. Make sure to apply from the eyelashes’ roots to the end. Repeat it several times a week. Or, you can also apply it once a day.
  2. Lavender and Coconut Oil. Coconut and lavender makes very effective combinations of essential oils for eyelash growth. Lavender oil has long been known to increase the growth of the eyelashes. At the same, it is also effective in removing the harmful free radicals. According to a research, up to 44% of women have shown significant hair growth following regular use of lavender oil. In the meantime, the coconut oil makes a perfect oil to mix with lavender oil. This oil is known to be rich in nutrients and is soothing to use. It also contains numerous amounts of antimicrobial and antibacterial. To make this combination, you need to mix 4 drops of lavender essential oil and ½ tsp of coconut oil. Then mix them together and use cotton swab to apply the mixed oil on the eyelashes’ roots to the ends.
  3. Lemon Olive Oil. The last recommended essential oil for boosting the growth of eyelashes is lemon and olive oil. Let’s start with the positive things about olive oil. It is effective to condition, protect and also lengthen the eyelash. By adding the lemon oil, you can get a more useful mixture of essential oil. That’s because the lemon oil is rich in antimicrobial and antiseptic agent. Therefore, your eyelashes will not only become longer but also protected from any bacteria. Apply this mixture before bed time and remove it in the morning. Repeat it every day for best result.
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If you want to combine several mixtures of essential oils for eyelash growth at the same time, it is also okay. However, make sure to follow the instruction and beware of any possible allergic reaction.