How to Tell If You Have a Cavity

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How to Tell If You Have a Cavity

How to tell if you have a cavity is quite important for everyone to know. Cavity is also known as tooth decay is really painful and annoying so that you have to notice really early to get rid of the oral condition. This tooth decay problem can be defined as the areas on the surface of your teeth which are permanently damaged and starting to form holes. This tooth decay problem is caused by many things but mostly it is because of the bacteria living between your teeth, too much sugary drinks, and lack of oral hygiene such as tooth brushing. This oral condition is one of the most common health problems around the world. Everyone regardless of the age can get tooth decay especially children, teenagers, even toddlers. Tooth decay needs to be treated immediately. If it is not treated, the hole will get bigger and bigger. To avoid tooth decay, you should clean your teeth regularly every day and visit dentist for at least once every three months. For now, you can read how to tell if you have a cavity so that you will be more aware.

1.     Sharp Pain When Eating or Drinking Something Hot or Cold

When you have tooth decay, the easiest way to notice it is by detecting any sharp pain when you are eating or drinking something hot or cold. Say for example, when you eat ice cream and suddenly you feel a sharp pain spearing your teeth you probably get tooth decay. The sharp pain is caused because the cold ice cream getting through the deep layer of your teeth as the result of the holes forming on the surface of your tooth. The holes make your tooth unprotected and that is why you will feel sharp pain when you are eating or drinking something hot or cold. If you find the pain is really bugging you, it is better for you to see your dentist immediately.

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2.     Toothache

When your tooth starts to decay, you will not feel a thing except the sharp pain when you are eating or drinking something hot or cold. However, if the tooth decay it is not treated, the hole will get bigger and bigger so that the deep layers of your teeth will be even more unprotected. With unprotected layers inside your teeth, you will easily get infection and toothache. Toothache will usually followed by swollen gum and bleeding gum. Toothache can be serious and that is why seeing a dentist to heal the toothache along with the cavity is incredibly important.

3.     Black Stains on Your Tooth

When your tooth starts developing holes and the holes get bigger and bigger, your tooth is practically rotten and you can notice that by the black staining on the surface of the tooth, usually near the holes. The black stains are the ultimate indication that you have tooth decay and that the tooth must be removed by the dentist immediately to prevent infection. Knowing how to tell if you have a cavity makes it easier to figure out the symptom so that you can go see your dentist as soon as possible.