How to Get Rid Of Biting Flies at The Beach

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How to Get Rid Of Biting Flies at The Beach

It is a real pain to get a bite of biting flies with scissor-like mandibles when you are enjoying the exotic scenery of the beach. So, how to get rid of biting flies at the beach? People might use insect repellent in the form of lotion or cream. But, it is important to know that the beach biting flies hardly notice such preventions. Sand gnats and greenhead flies are the most common biting flies you might find at the beach. Since their bites might cause several serious effects, follow the tips about eradicating them while you are at the beach.

How to Get Rid of Biting Flies at the Beach Easily

  1. Use Lavender Oil Spray. The lovely floral aroma of lavender is effective to repel the insects, including sand flies or sand gnats. Lavender oil can be sprayed around the area where you need it to be. It can be sprayed to your skin as well. The sprayed lavender oil is also effective to disinfect the air around.
  2. Use Lemon Juice. You can apply lemon juice in the same way like you use lavender oil, which is by spraying it. The aroma of lemon juice keeps them away. Lemon juice is an easy natural organic repellent to protect yourself from being bitten by sand flies or greenhead flies at the beach.
  3. Tea Tree Oil. How to get rid of biting flies at the beach using this substance? Just sprinkle or spray it on your hair, caps, clothes and uncovered body parts. Make sure that the sensitive areas, such as eyes and nose are safe.
  4. Use Chemical Repellent. In addition to apply insect repellent lotion or cream, you can also use another chemical repellent. In this case, it is insecticides. Spray the insecticides which contain limonene and linalool. Apply it safely and make sure that you follow the written directions. Please note that the insecticides should be kept away from children and pets for hours after spraying. It is always a risk of the chemical substance application.
  5. Avoid Visiting the Beach on a Calm Day. Wind totally disturbs the sand flies and greenhead flies population. So, on the windy day, you will be more freely enjoying the beach without being attacked by these biting flies. Conversely, if you come to the area on the calm day, it means that you should prepare lots of things to protect yourself from the sand flies or greenhead flies bites.
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There are several more preventive actions to keep the biting flies away from you. Keeping yourself covered and wearing light-colored clothes are the simplest yet important preventive measures. Knowing and learning the characteristics of beach biting flies are also important to maximize the preventive actions. If you know about how they tends to be, you will be more careful anytime you visit the beach. The tips about how to get rid of biting flies at the beach above are the basic preventive actions. You need more tips if you have got bites.

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