How to Get Rid Of Ethyl Glucuronide

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How to Get Rid Of Ethyl Glucuronide

Before you find out some sources about how to get rid of Ethyl Glucuronide, it would be better to understand what actually Ethyl Glucuronide is. A chemical process in our body, which is indicated as a glucuronidation process occurs right after the exposure of ethanol. In this process, an ethanol metabolite is formed, which is called as ethyl glucuronide. This chemical substance is used as indicator to track or monitor any ethanol use in a particular situation where consuming alcohol is prohibited. Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) can be detected in nails and hairs. Once the metabolite gets into your bloodstream, naturally, the residue of ETG will remain for up to 80 days. Yet, you can apply a few techniques to fasten the natural process of ethyl glucuronide depuration.

How to Get Rid of Ethyl Glucuronide Naturally

  1. Adjust  What You Eat and Drink. Consider what you eat every day. Give your body a chance to evacuate the ethyl glucuronide a little faster by adjusting your diet properly. Eat some rich-fiber foods to clean your body system such as cabbage, sewed, brown rice, and broccoli. Rich-protein foods such as meat and egg are also recommended. In addition, cleanse your liver by drinking more liquids. You can consider green tea, dandelion roots, milk thistle, pure cranberry juice, and burdock as alternative drinks for this task.
  2. Consume Vitamin C. What is the next tip of how to get rid of Ethyl Glucuronide? Consuming vitamin C is really helpful to detoxify the enzymes. Vitamin C also sustains your liver further. Liver, which is an area affected by ethyl glucuronide will be cleansed by this vitamin. You can consume vitamin C pills or some foods and fruits contain vitamin C such as orange.
  3. Hydrate Your Body. Some sources state that consuming lots of water to eliminate the ethyl glucuronide from your blood is a myth. However, it is obviously helpful to encourage the natural process to allow the ETG to live your body system.
  4. Have Exercise Continuously. By doing exercise, workout, or other fitness activity, you will get sweaty. Basically, the toxins we get by consuming certain foods and drinks can be expelled through sweat. By getting sweaty, some vital organs such as liver, intestines, and kidneys will be clean from these toxins.
  5. Consuming Caffeine. Though there are no some scientific evidence, drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks is vouched by some people. It is believed that the caffeine level in blood will defeat or disperse the ETG level.
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Some tips about how to get rid of Ethyl Glucuronide above can’t be applied to remove the ETG level from your body thoroughly. But, trying the tips might be helpful to at least lessen the ETG level and fasten the natural process of ETG elimination.

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