How to Get Rid of Gnats Outside Your House

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How to Get Rid of Gnats outside Your House

Small insects like gnats are not really harmful for human health, but they are also quiet annoying. Gnat can create an army as fast as they lay a lot of larva in one cycle. Therefore, knowing how to get rid of gnats outside your house is important. It is because they can breed rapidly and there are a lot of possible habitats that are suitable to lay eggs out there. One thing about this that you must know is that they love to live and breed in places with puddle.

How to Get Rid of Gnats outside Your House Effectively

Gnats are closely related to flies although their appearance is much closer to mosquitoes. Some of the types are biting and some others are not. Even so, they are bothersome because they like to cling around our face and it is obviously annoying. It is because this fly family is attracted to carbon dioxide, which is why human nose and mouth are interesting for them. Here are some tips on how to get rid of Gnats Outside your home.

  1. Fogging. Fogging is the most common way to drive insects away. When you want to clean your home of flies or mosquitoes, having mosquito spray from supermarket is probably enough. But for overcoming the annoying gnats outside is more challenging as the spray will quickly gone by the wind and does not really hit the target. Therefore, fogging which will include more gas and more chemical spray is more effective to get the flies out of your way. Unfortunately, this may be the last option to take if you have pet and children since the chemical will somehow harmful for their health.
  2. Insect traps. Setting insect traps is more environmentally friendly than having chemicals sprayed in your yard. There are some kinds of insect traps available in the market, such as sticky paper trap. This kind of trap is simple but effective enough to reduce the amount of gnats around your yard. You can simply put the sticky paper which has been armed by cucumber near the places where gnats are usually around. It could be anywhere around your house, but more importantly in places with higher humidity. This kind of place is the spot where gnats love to be around.
  3. Breeding Control. While you try to drive the adult gnats away and reduce the amount of the animals around your house, this step is the most ultimate one. It is because once you successfully clean the area from the gnats, the small insect is growing. It will keep happening until you wipe them from the root. You have to know the possible spots for the insect to breed. It will include waters and organic plant to feed their larva and support the metamorphosis cycle. Therefore, what you need to do is reduce as many puddles as possible around the house. You should also close the water tank and garbage bin tightly.
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After learning how to get rid of gnats outside your house, hopefully you can be free from the annoying flying objects and enjoy the day out.