The Causes of Impotence at a Youngman

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The Causes of Impotence at a Young Age

Feelings of sexual desire that causes an erection are started in the brain. Conditions such as depression and anxiety can interfere with the process. One of the signs of depression is loss of interest in things that will never bring pleasure, like sexual intercourse.

Stress-related money, jobs, and other life events are able to cause impotence at a young age. Poor communication and relationship problems with a wife can also cause sexual dysfunction in man.

Drink alcohol
Alcohol is a depressant nerve system that really can block the nerve impulses as well as blocking communications on the brain to the body. Alcohol affects the nervous system working when an erection. So, it is not happen the continuity between the brain and the nerves that govern the penis in order to erection.

Men who love to smoke usually don’t realize that smoking habit that goes on constantly thus will harm health, including his genital. The longer, a heap of nicotine contained in cigarettes will be increasingly accumulated in the body. The cover of the excessive nicotine will cause blood flow is not smoothly and cause an erection can’t walk normal.

Consume certain drugs
Medicines that are used to overcome high blood pressure, work on the arteries and the blood stream, so that it automatically affects the organs in obtaining an erection. The longer the hypertension can cause impotence, due to less flexible and narrow arteries, so the blood flows towards the artery on the wane. This is the one that causes impotence, due to the blood circulation in the penis section be limited.

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Using a hair grower
Did you know that a hair grower’s drug can be a cause of impotence in young age? In April 2012, the American Food and Drug Administration gave the warning on the product to grow hair loss which contains Propecia medication, to include warnings about long-term sexual side effects, including problems with libido, ejaculation, and orgasm in men.