Some Tips On How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor In Shoes

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Some Tips On How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor In Shoes

Have you ever heard of the way how to get rid of foot odor in shoes? In fact, having stingky feet will always bother you and your friends. Sometimes you cannot just help it. Unfortunately, there are many people that they can do nothing about it. In fact, that is not true. You can always do something for your stinky feet. There are many ways that you can try to deal with it. In order to help you out with that, here is some tips that you can try at home on how to get rid of foot odor in shoes. Make sure that you follow and each and every single step in the description below. Good luck!

Steps To Clean Up Your Feet
The first thing that you have to do in order to remove the foot odor in shoes is cleaning up your feet. This is the main and very important step to do. At first, you have to make sure that you scrub your feet. Do not scrub it fast, but slowly and cover every part of your feet carefully. It is highly recommended that you use a washcloth or brush. Also do not forget to scrub the area between your toes. While you are washing and scrubbing your feet, there are some materials that you can use. The first material is the hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is good for killing any bacteria living around your feet. After you have done scrubbing your feet, then it is a high time for you to dry it. The second material that you can use is antiperspirant. Antiperspirant is also good for killing the bacteria around your feet. Apply it at night on your dry feet. After that you can use the same sandal and footwear in the morning. You can also use the mixture of the vinegar and isopropyl alcohol. This mixture is very effective not only killing bacteria but also killing fungus. You can also use some types of powder to clean up you feet, such as talcum powder and corn starch.

Tips On How To Use Your Footwear
The next thing that you have to take a closer look at is how you use your footwear. Your selection on how to pick the right footwear and wear them are two things that matter the most when you want to remove your foot odor. Here is some tips on how to deal with it. At first, make sure that you wear open-toed shoes or even sandals when you do not need to wear closed shoes. This way, the footwear will allow some air to get though the feet and cool the. This will prevent your feet from producing sweat. Second of all, make sure that you change your socks frequently. If your feet is producing sweat a lot, make sure that you change your socks daily. Dry socks will prevent any bacteria or fungus to develop from the sweat produced by your feet in the socks. The next thing that you have to do is putting some baking soda in your socks and shoes. Baking soda is good for killing any bacteria and fungus in both your shoes and feet. You can also use cedar wood or cloves in order to freshen your shoes. You also need to make sure that you rotate the shoes you are going to wear. This way, your shoes will have a bigger chance to be dry before being used. Dry shoes are unlikely to develop bacteria. Washing your shoes frequently is also a good thing to do. After you have washed your shoes, make sure that you dry your shoes by putting them directly under sunlight exposure. This way, your shoes will dry quickly.

Some Home remedies That You Can Use To Deal With Foot Odor

At the end of the day, that is some tips that you can do to remove your foot odor issue. You need to make sure that you apply these tips together for getting a better result. You also have to know your feet condition well. By knowing your feet condition well, you will be able to know which tips that you should do more frequently. Some people have a bigger issue in their feet sweat. If you are one of these people, then you should put more attention in treating and control your foot sweat. You can follow the tips on how to prevent your foot from producing more sweat. On the other hands, if you have bigger issues in your behavior in wearing footwear, then you can put a lot more attention on how to clean them up. This way, these tips on how to get rid of foot odor in shoes will be effective on you.