Putting Essential Oils in Humidifier

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Putting Essential Oils in Humidifier

As the name suggest, humidifier is used to humidify particular room in your home. It works by diffusing water into the air. Along with this diffusion, some people add essential oils to the water that is going to be diffused to the air. Actually, putting essential oils in humidifier allows you to get refreshing air. The essential oils used for the humidifier are mostly in form of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is not only able to make the air refreshing, but also provide health benefits as well. As you probably know, aromatherapy is extracted for plants with natural scent. It is used for medical purposes. By adding it into the humidifier, you can diffuse this essential oil into the air easily.

What You Need to Know before Putting Essential Oils in Humidifier

  1. Types of essential oils
    Essential oils are divided into two specific types. Aside from the aromatherapy, you can also get essential oils used for topical purposes. Putting essential oils in humidifier only works if you use aromatherapy types. Aromatherapy has low concentration. It is able to evaporate easily into the thin air. Moreover, it has unique scent in correspondence to the types of aromatherapy used. Meanwhile, essential oils for topical use have high concentration. Before applying it, you need to dilute it first. The volatile nature of this essential oil type requires you to store it in glass container. Plastic container will be eroded easily with essential oil intended for topical use. Despite their different concentration, they are made out of natural plants oil. The aromatherapy essential oils are not only produced from natural source, but also artificial source. When putting essential oils in humidifier, you can use either natural or artificial aromatherapy. Keep in mind that artificial aromatherapy is made with synthesis process. The scent is often too strong for some people. It might cause headache, dizziness, respiration issue, and many more.
  2. Benefits of essential oils
    As mentioned before, putting essential oils in humidifier provides health benefits. The health benefits from this process are corresponding to the aromatherapy you use. Lavender aromatherapy is often used to help people who experience insomnia. Lay back for few minutes while having lavender aroma therapy solves sleeping difficulty. If few drops of lavender aromatherapy are added into the humidifier, it will create soothing and relaxing effect. Obstetricians also use the same treatment in order to make pregnant woman feel relaxed.
    Meanwhile, eucalyptus aromatherapy is used for different health benefits. It helps to cure asthma, nasal congestion, and bronchitis. The scent produced by eucalyptus is well known for its cooling and strong characteristic. People suffering from common cold, can also take the health benefit from eucalyptus aromatherapy as well. During common cold, mucus blocks the nasal cavity. The strong scent of eucalyptus helps to reduce the blockage. Lavender and eucalyptus are only two of variety of essential oils that you can use in humidifier.
  3. Humidifier maintenance
    Even though putting essential oils in humidifier brings benefit, you also need to clean up the humidifier regularly. Essential oils you use might left behind after you use the humidifier. The cleaning process is relatively simple. All you need to do is rinse the humidifier tank with vinegar and liquid soap.