What Does Lavender Essential Oil Do

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What Does Lavender Essential Oil Do

As one of effective essential oils, lavender oil is used widely around the world. It is said that this ingredient saves a lot of benefits for health. What does lavender essential oil do? To answer this question, pay attention to the following explanation about what lavender essential oil benefits.

Some Health Benefits of Lavender Essential and the Application

  • Antioxidant protectio. So, what does lavender essential oil do? One of the most dangerous risk factor to cause many kinds of disease is free radicals including chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and so on. Free radicals are the one that becomes responsible to shut down your body immune system. Thus, it can cause damage to the body. The solution to these risk factors is antioxidant. Thankfully, lavender oil is natural option that has been proven as good antioxidant from nature. It is found that lavender oil will help body to produce powerful antioxidant like catalase and glutathione within twenty two hours.
  • Diabetes treatment. Everyone should keep their body to be healthy and away from disease. Once the disease is coming, it could be a bit uneasy to treat, not to mention when someone is suffering from diabetes. But, what does lavender essential oil do related to diabetes? There is a study in 2014 which was conducted to test lavender oil effect on blood sugar level. This study is to complete the task whether this ingredient can be a help for diabetes or not. The result is amazing. Treatment using lavender oil can help protecting your body from increasing blood sugar, weight gain, metabolic disorders, as well as antioxidant depletion, dysfunction, and lipoperoxidation occurs in kidney and liver organ.
  • Healing cuts and burns. What does lavender essential oil do for another health benefit? This kind of essential oil is known for having the properties of antimicrobial. According to history, this oil has been used to help preventing many infections as well as combat fungal or bacterial disorders. It can be used to speed up the healing process of cuts, burns, wounds, and scrapes due to anti-microbial it has.
  • The solution of insomnia. If you have sleeping problem of insomnia, lavender oil is found to help people with insomnia by showing immediate improvements. If you try to improve sleeping quality, just diffuse lavender during or before you sleep. You can also rub this oil directly on chest, temples, and neck to be effective. Besides, the combination of lavender oil with magnesium oil and roman chamomile will be the best combination to improve sleeping quality.
  • Lavender oil application. How to use it? This ingredient will be the best to be combined with other oil such as cinnamon, tea tree oil, or clove. It will be effective treatment to combine them in 1:1 ratio to fight against Staph aureus and Candida albicans. They are common cause of many bacterial and fungal infections which lead to skin funguses and pneumonia. To treat eczema or burns, you need to mix coconut oil with lavender essential oil in the ratio of 1:5 for quick healing. After knowing about what does lavender essential oil do, you can now stock this oil in your home and use it when it is needed.