Coconut Oil Kills Lice

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Coconut Oil Kills Lice

Head lice are probably one of the peskiest pests which can be solved with coconut oil kills lice. It stays as parasites in our head and sucks the nutrition out of head scalp. As many people have guessed, it is the real culprit behind the itchiness on your head scalp. Not only is it such a troublesome sensation on you, it can be of such an embarrassment if you cannot resist the urge to scratch your head in public and end up scratching the hell out of you. In simple, you need to tackle the issue immediately with this coconut oil.

Details on How to Ward off Head Lice

As many of you have known, head lice has incredibly quick growth and reproduction rate by which they can reproduce on your head scalp in numerous larvae which then makes it hard to kill off, even though coconut oil kills lice. Thus, it will be better off for you to take preemptive and preventive medication and other necessary precautions. The first and foremost thing you need to do is keep the hygiene of your head scalp by not leaving your hair in wet condition and avoid those who are affected by head lice to make sure that you are not affected by the such annoying pest.

If you need some knowledge on tackling such issue on itchiness caused by head lice, you can follow the instructions below on tackling the issue with coconut oil.

Coconut oil with garlic
As a basic ingredient to ward off head lice, coconut oil kills lice with its magical properties it consists of. Thanks to the double combo of garlic and coconut oil, it makes a great death potion for head lice since it can suffocate them. What you can do with it is apply the mixture of crushed garlic and coconut oil to your hair and cover it with shower cap for thirty minutes or so. Next, remove the cap and rinse your hair until it is clean.

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Coconut oil with apple cider vinegar
This second kind of coconut oil properties are able to make your hair smooth and kill off parasitical head lice. With this magical liquid, lice eggs which stick to your hair follicle can be unstuck which is of utmost importance if you want to kill the head lice. All you have to do with this is apply the apple cider vinegar to your hair and let it dry for several moments. Then, coat your hair with coconut oil afterwards and cover it with shower cap for several hours. Rinse it with clean water,

Coconut oil with tea tree oil
This last medicine on coconut oil kills lice is quite a property in killing lice thanks to its properties within. If you want to use this, coat your hair with the mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil and cover it with shower cap for thirty minutes. Comb your hair to ward off the dead remnants and rinse it through.

That is it for details and tips on coconut oil kills lice. Do not wait until the lice reproduce quickly.