Essential Oil Dilution Calculator and Guidelines

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Essential Oil Dilution Calculator and Guidelines

Have you ever questioned why essential oils available in the small bottles that they do? That’s simply because the strong plant substances found in the oils you’re buying are so extremely concentrated that a very small amount is more than enough to supply countless health advantages. Essential oil dilution serves as a mechanism to lessen the strength of essential. They are frequently utilized for easy inhalation; steam inhalation that can serve to help cold and flu, rubbing that helps in toning the body, bedroom freshening, bathtub and much more. Here in this post you can find essential oil dilution calculator and guidelines.

Why Dilute Essential Oils?

Dilution is among the most vital aspects of successful topical treatment; it is also among the most misapplied. Certainly there are reports about specific oils that can be used neat or unmixed, in general, dilution is highly recommended for topical usage. One of the most valuable advantages of dilution is that it reduces the flashing off of the unstable fragrant substances, mostly through one of the essential laws of fluid characteristics: reducing the area of a compound exposed to air reduces the rate of evaporation. All you need to understand is that the active chemical substance found in essential oils are strong – so strong that they can trigger some severe health condition if not applied properly. It reduces the possibility of an unfavorable counteraction.

Essential Oil Dilution Calculator and Guidelines

Learning about appropriate dilution is an important aspect in successful and risk-free essential oil usage. Appropriate dilution, with a proper carrier, will not alter the usefulness. One of the most typical issues is the usage of essential oils on those with level of sensitivity concerns, particularly kids. By adding essential oils to a carrier, like avocado, or olive oil, the active chemical substances are not only much better absorbed into the skin layer but they are also more quickly dispersed over the surface area of your body for much better restorative advantages.

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·       1% Dilution = 1 Drop per Tsp. of Carrier Oil

This portion is highly recommended for those kids over the age of 6, pregnant women, senior adults, folks with a hypersensitive skin type, and those with pre-existing conditions.

·       2% Dilution = 2 Drops per Tsp. of Carrier Oil

This is perfect for most adults. For usage in day-to-day aromatherapy or topical treatment.

·       3% Dilution = 3 Drops per Tsp. of Carrier Oil

This is perfect for managing brief health issues and topical application for muscle pain, personal injury or breathing troubles.

Carrier oils are generally ignored since they do not contain the restorative elements of other essential oils, however they can play a fundamental companion of topically applied oils. When it comes to carrier oils, there are lots of choices to choose from. When trying fresh oil or when using warmer oils such as Oregano, dilution can reduce the danger for an oversensitive response, decrease waste, and supply a perfect atmosphere to find which essential oils work best for your predicament.