Essential Oil for Skin Boil

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Essential Oil for Skin Boil

When the skin has been infected by skin boil, it can be painful that makes you very uncomfortable. This infected lump can sometimes appear quickly and be infected with pus within one day.  One of the best solutions for this problem is by using essential oil for skin boil.

Essential Oil as Excellent Remedy for Skin Boil

  1. Tea tree oil. The first essential oil for skin boil is tree tea oil. You must have known about many benefits provided by this oil. This kind of oil presents the properties of antibiotic, antifungal, and antimicrobial. It can be used as natural remedy for many ailments such as infections as well as skin disorders. How to use it to treat skin boil? First, you should wash the infected area with mild soap and warm water. Make the mixture of 1 cup salt with hot water into a gallon. This mixture can be used to compress the area using wash cloth. After that, you can rub tea tree oil gently on the affected area. Then, cover it with bandage.
  2. Lavender oil. Second variety of oil which is helpful for treating skin boil is lavender oil. Oil produced by this flower has some properties which are able to bring skin boil to heal faster. As one of essential oil for skin boil, lavender oil will be able to give you quicker relief. To use it, you need to wash the area using mild soap and warm water. After that, take a few drops of this essential oil and apply to the area. Rub it gently on skin boil and then use bandage to cover it. This bandage needs to be changed for couple times in a day.
  3. Eucalyptus oil. The next is eucalyptus oil. This oil has been used as medicine to help treating numerous ailments such as skin infections. The oil which is derived from the leaves of Eucalyptus plant is considered as great oil for skin boil. It has antibacterial properties and antiseptic with many benefits. To use Eucalyptus oil as remedy for boil, you need to mix 1 ounce powder slippery elm with 3 drops Eucalyptus oil. Add boiling water slowly into this mixture to make thick paste. You can spread the paste directly on affected skin.
  4. Bergamot oil. Another essential oil for skin boil is bergamot oil. The use of this oil is as natural treatment of several wound types as well as skin infections. Bergamot oil can be used to help treating boils, herpes, ulcers, cracked skin, chicken pox, eczema, and itching. It can kill the infection that causes the condition. It is simple to use this kind of oil. You just need to add bergamot oil into hot water. Then, soak in the compress and use it to apply on skin boil.
  5. Castor oil. There is also castor oil which is helpful for skin boils. It is labeled as antiseptic to be used as alternative remedy for skin boil. To use this kind of essential oil for skin boil, simply place some drops on cotton gauze. Then, directly apply that gauze on affected area.
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