Essential Oils for Heavy Periods

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Essential Oils for Heavy Periods

Menorrhagia or heavy periods is one of common afflictions occurred among women within their fertile year. The use of some essential oils for heavy periods may be very beneficial to treat the condition. The cause of this problem can be nutritional or hormonal imbalances due to several factors. Such factors are including ovary problem, stress, lifestyle, and diet. The condition will be accompanied by constant pain of lower abdomen, lack of physical energy, large amount of blood clots, anemia, and others.

Essential Oils for Heavy Periods and the Mixture which are Beneficial to Help Treating the Problem

  • Sage oil. One of essential oils for heavy periods is sage essential oil. Sage or Salvia officinalis saves active properties which can regulate blood clotting and sweating. It has antispasmodic oil and tannin to help relieving dysmenorrhea, cramps, or excessive bleeding. It also promotes estrogen production and is able to lower hormonal surges. The research showed that this ingredient help preventing blood clots formation which will be effective to slow heavy bleeding during periods as well. You can use this kind of oil for massaging to relieve the pain. What you need is 13 drops sage oil combined with 2 ounces almond, grape seed, or olive oil. Get 2 drops of this mixture to massage lower abdominal. Use warm compress afterward.
  • Cinnamon oil. The second essential oils for heavy periods are using cinnamon oil. This ingredient is known as effective to reduce menstrual bleeding which is heavy associated with adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis. Cinnamon reduces bleeding by stimulating flow of blood away from uterus. It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties as well which help relieving the cramps. To use it, prepare fifteen or thirteen cinnamon essential oil. You need to dilute them into a quarter cup water and then drink it up to three times a day. You can follow this remedy during your menstrual period only.
  • Essential oil mixture. There is also the mixture of essential oils for heavy periods that can treat the problem. This mixture consists of several essential oils including lavender, chamomile, olive, geranium, and dil essential oil. To make this beneficial mixture is very easy. You should firstly prepare olive essential oil as much as 20 ml, 2 drops dil oil, 2 drops chamomile oil, 4 drop lavender oil, and 3 drops geranium oil. After that, mix well in a container. Then, you need to dilute them into 10 ml almond oil. You can use the mixture to massage abdominal area. This treatment is said to be efficient in relieving menstrual problem such as heavy bleeding.
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Aside from those three essential oils and the mixture, you can follow some additional tips to treat the problem. You must not have lack of sleep. If you do so, it may worsen you problem. Therefore, you have to sleep at least seven hours a day. Try to have warm bath and enjoy it to relax the muscles as well as ease tension and pain. Drinking some chamomile, green tea, or sage tea everyday would be helpful too.

You need to have extra supply of tampons and sanitary pads on hand. Other essential oils for heavy periods that can be used for lower back massage are using olive oil or coconut oil to help relieving pain. You may take some supplements like calcium, vitamins K, C, and B6, and zinc, but consult to doctor beforehand.