How to Get Rid of Duct Tape Residue

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How to Get Rid of Duct Tape Residue?

Though can be very useful, duct tape often leave behind an unwanted residue after you remove the tape on any surfaces. This sticky residue would be a good enough reason for you to search on the internet how to get rid of duct tape residue. You can, of course, remove that annoying duct tape residue forever, but it will require a method you might’ve not think about it yet. These methods are believed to be able to clear out any unwanted duct tape residue. Thus, this article is going to include said method to help you solve this seemingly tiny—yet annoying—problem.

How to Get Rid of Duct Tape Residue Step by Step

As mentioned above, there is a method on how to get rid of duct tape residue. This article will list a cleaning method that includes easy step by step that is going to work effectively to discard the residue once and for all. All you need to do is to follow proceeding step by step to achieve maximum result.

  • Scrape the residue gently
    Using a knife or a razor blade, scrape away the residue from affected surface. This step is necessary before continuing to the next one, which is applying liquid solution to the residue. This is particularly because you want to make sure there isn’t any more gunky texture left on the residue. While scraping the residue, make sure that you do it gently so that you don’t hurt the painted surface. You wouldn’t want it to look scratched.
  • Apply liquid solution onto the residue
    After scraping the gunky texture away, you’re going to apply liquid solution onto the residue left on the surface. You can use a petroleum-based solution like Vaseline, or you can use acetone or even alcohol. Apply them using a cotton cloth by gently pressing and scrubbing the surface until it’s clean. Any kind of cloth would do, just make sure that it doesn’t give a visible scratch look o the surface you’re working on.
  • Clean the surface with soap
    If you’ve made sure that the entire duct tape residue are gone, the last step would be to clean the surface. After getting in contact with liquid solutions, the surface may be slippery, thus you’re going to need to clean it. This step is pretty simple. You only need a mix of dish soap and water, and using a clean cloth then soak it into the solution. Afterwards, rub the cloth to the mentioned surface. If you think it’s clean enough, you just need to dry it with other clean cloth and leave it be until it’s completely dry.
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Those three steps are guaranteed to be able to remove any duct tape residue on any surfaces. The key to a maximum cleaning would be not to rush it, and make sure that you already clean every corner of the residue area. This how to get rid of duct tape residue step by step can also be used with any kind of stubborn stains, especially those stains that have the same texture as duct tape residue.