How to Get Rid of June Bugs in My House Naturally

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How to Get Rid of June Bugs in My House Naturally

If you like to maintenance your garden, you normally feel irritated towards pet like June bugs. If you are looking for natural method on how to get rid of June bugs, you have come to the right article. This article will talk about how to eliminate those pests from your home. People do not like June bugs for several reasons. Such pests are not only killing your grass, but also your flower as well. The ugly spots left by this bug on tree are not only ugly, but also not good for the life of your tree. In addition to those effects, it is also able to change the structure of your soil as well. Check the following natural methods to make your house free from June bugs.

Easy Methods on How to Get Rid of June Bugs

When it comes for killing pests, people often used pesticide. Pesticides are able to kill any types of bug instantly. Unfortunately, it uses chemical compounds. Instead of using risky pesticides, you might want to use natural method instead.

  1. Building bug trap. Building bug trap is a clever method on how to get rid of June bugs. You can easily build bug trap with household equipment. All you need to create one are including jar, vegetable oil, and source of light. Aside from jar, you can also use bucket as well. Place the jar or bucket underneath the light source. Alternatively, you can also bury the container as well. Pour vegetable oil in it. The light will attract the June bugs. Meanwhile, the vegetable oil will prevent them from escaping. You can kill those June bugs with hot water. If you are kind enough, you can throw them somewhere else from your house.
  2. Nematodes. Nematodes are natural biological weapon that you can use to kill June bugs. Nematodes are able to kill June bugs during when they are still in egg phase. The nematodes will do the dirty work for you. They work by taking advantage of June bugs larvae. The larvae will eventually die because of nematodes absorbing their nutrients. Gardening shop sells nematodes in affordable price. Spread them evenly in your backyard to kill June bugs.
  3. Toads. Other clever method that you can use to kill June bugs is using its natural predator. In general, there are several predators of this pest. Some of them might not friendly for your backyard or lawn. You definitely do not want to kill the pest using snakes. Fortunately, you can take advantage of friendlier animal. Toads consume June bugs as their natural food. Catching toads from nearby like will be a challenging activity. Toads also produce natural and relaxing sounds for your backyard ambiance.
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As it goes with other pests, the life cycle of June bug is considered a short one. It only takes one year for them to complete their natural life. Unfortunately, they breed fast. By taking advantage of the methods on how to get rid of June bugs above, you can eliminate those pests easily.