How to Get Rid of Mold on Clothes

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How to Get Rid of Mold on Clothes?

Many people have been bothered with the issue of mold ruining your clothes and looking for any solutions on how to get rid of mold on clothes. It is such a stinging sensation to find that our favorite shirts get stained by mold and mildew which cannot be washed in a usual way. Probably, you start wondering what went wrong that caused such trouble to the shirt that might not go off. If you tend to get the shirt off the hanger while it is still wet, that might be the reason your shirt has mold.

Solutions on How to Get Rid of Mold on Clothes

The simplest way of washing your molded clothes you can try is by washing it thoroughly in hot water. With its hot temperature, it is proven to be effective in being rid of mold and prevent it from coming again with its spores. Yet, be sure to keep the temperature off a little bit so it will not damage your already stained shirt. You do not want to find this to be ruined worse that you leave it to be. Apart from the water, there is nothing different from anything else.

If the solution above does not cut it for you, then you need other more effective solutions listed below. Here is the list of the solutions on how to get rid of mold on clothes for the shirts:

  • Wash it with borax
    Yes, you have guessed it right. Some people go out of their way to make use of to reserve food. While it is strongly prohibited to do such thing, you will find another use of borax which might help you with your problem with mold. In this case, you can use it to ward off mold from your shirt combined with our previous star, hot water. The combination of these two things is deadly combination for mold and mildew. Pour half a cup of this chemical compound into hot water inside the washing machine and let it work.
  • Wash it with bleach
    When you want to do easier thing on being rid of mod on your shirt, you can always rely on bleach. Bleach is able to fade the stain caused by mold on your clothes and besides, it is also able to kill mold altogether. But before you are sure to use this chemical compound, make sure the clothes you wash are fit to be washed by one. The method of washing with bleach is quite the same with one above.
  • Wash it with apple cider vinegar
    The third solution on being rid of mold on clothes is quite unconventional. Up until now, we had it in mind that apple cider vinegar is only used for cooking and medicine. But little had you known that it can also be sued to ward off stain caused by mold. Instead of other two ingredients, use it as the detergent.
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Those are all for details on how to get rid of mold on clothes. Washing ruined shirt has never been this easy.