How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus Caused by Acrylics at Home

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How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus Caused by Acrylics at Home

If you love nail treatment, artificial nails is not a strange thing to you. It can make the nails more beautiful, but it could harm them if inhabited by fungus. For those who often attach artificial nails such as acrylics, knowing how to get rid of nail fungus is necessary. It is better to treat the nail when early symptom of the fungus appear, such as itchy and pain in some cases.

Easy Way on How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus

Nail is an important part for women. They are usually made prettier by attaching artificial nails from acrylics. However, if it is conducted improperly, it may cause fungus problem. The common indication is feeling itchy at the nail area, inflammation in the edge or nail bed, and change of natural nail color. In the worst case, severe fungus problem may lead to the separation of the nail from its bed.

When you indicate fungus problem, the best way is to meet the expert or doctors. But you can also treat it simply at home by using affordable and easy to get ingredients. Here are some suggestions on how to get rid of nail fungus.

  1. Using mouthwash. Before applying any further treatment to your nails, it is important to put off all the artificial nails first. The nest crucial step is washing it gently with warm water to let the nails relax. The use of mouthwash to cure your itchy nails due to fungus is very simple. You only need to soak the nail in the mouthwash for about ten to twenty minutes.
  2. Using baking soda. Baking soda is well known to have the cleansing ability in safer way. But it is not applied just like that. You have to make a solution from baking soda and water. Using warm water will make the solution more effective to secure your nails from fungus. It is even better to add salt in the warm baking soda water. You can apply the solution to the nail by using cotton bud, Soaked it in the liquid before applying it to the nail which is then left for around 10 minutes. The last step is washing the nail again with warm water gently.
  3. Using essential oil. Another use of essential oil is to give special treatment for your special finger nails. You can use tea tree essential oil which is known to contain jojoba and antioxidant. Again, you need to make a mixture consisting of a few drops of tea tree essential oils and olive oil. Once you get the mixture ready, apply it to your cleaned finger nails. The liquid will soften the nails and make the fungus easily detached from its place. Eventually, they will all go away and leave your nail in healthy condition.
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All the treatments above should be done regularly once or twice in a day. With regular gentle cleaning, you will no longer wonder how to get rid of nail fungus in your fingers.

Image attribution: By James Heilman, MD (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons