How to Tell if You Have a Concussion

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How to Tell if You Have a Concussion

People of course will have very great awareness when they have head injury. They cannot underestimate head injury because it can bring serious damage. There are various kinds of head injury which can be found and of course concussion can be included in head injury which has serious level. However, the damage severity of concussion sometimes cannot be known immediately. That is why people should pay more attention about this problem. They have to check some symptoms which can be seen if someone is suffering from concussion. Of course they must know how to tell if you have a concussion. This way, they can go to the doctor as soon as possible. The guaranteed recovery can be found if people with concussion get the fast response and proper bed rest.

There are some symptoms which can be found in people who have concussion. If an adult has concussion, there are some ways which can be used for determining it. The very first thing which should be done when people want to know how to tell if you have a concussion is that they have to check the consciousness of the patient. Consciousness loss surely can be the easy concussion indication but sometimes it is not requisite. They have to see the response of the person with conversation. The breathing, circulation, and airways should be checked if they are unconscious. It crucial for making sure that this system runs normally. For the next step, people have to analyze the mental state of the patient. People who have concussion will get difficulty to focus. Their thoughts are foggy and they even can loss their memory. They also have to get involved with difficulty for forming the new memories. Slowness can also be felt from people who have concussion. The mental awareness should also be determined. People should be more aware if the patient acts strangely while showing the symptoms associated with mental state. People can ask about simple thing such as their name or the day. It can be followed with the next question which is more difficult based on the memory.

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Physical state examination should also be done as part of how to tell if you have a concussion. People should ask about the way they feel for instance. People who are suffering from concussion can have physical state symptoms such as vomiting or nausea. They will also experience very strong headache. Their sensitivity to sound and light will be higher if they have concussion. They will also have problem associated with the balance. The eyes of the sufferer should also be checked. The pupil normally will grow smaller when the light is focused on their eyes. Head injury including concussion can be seen from the eye movement which is irregular or from pupils that does not give any response to the light. In how to tell if you have a concussion, it is also important for people to analyze the level of exhaustion as well as the change associated with emotional state which can be starting indication of concussion.