How To Tell If You Have Roaches

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How To Tell If You Have Roaches

What is on your mind when you hear the word of roaches? Yes, even hearing the name of these creatures is terrifying and it simply gets more terrifying when you really spot the roaches colony live in your house. So, how to tell if you have roaches? Remember it is very important to tell that you have roaches as soon as possible so you can get rid of this problem faster before it gets worse. Remember, if this issue is left untreated, it can be a major issue which means roaches invasion happening inside your house. There will be the smell of roaches everywhere with so many eggs and nesting ground. This condition is definitely not healthy.

There are several most obvious signs of roaches presence in your house you should always be aware of. Basically, these insects are nocturnal which means they are active at night and they also feed in the dark. They love moist and warm place as it becomes the ideal areas for them to breed. For instance, the area behind fridge, below the stoves or skins, or under the floors. It is easy for them to flatten their body so they can basically fit into any kinds of areas even beneath the rubber mats or within the wall cracks. It sounds to creepy, right?

If you are paying attention when cleaning your house, it is easy to spot any roaches feces especially during infestation. When you see something resembling black pepper or coffee grounds with cylindrical droppings means you have found yourself the roaches feces. The time has come for you to do cleaning and get rid of the roaches using the effective methods. The more feces you find means more roaches inhabiting your house. Usually, you may also find the dead roaches across your house. So, it is important for you to spot the presence of roaches sooner so you can quickly do the necessary effort to get rid of them. But what are the signs indeed? Well, read on the following information for thorough knowledge.

Physical Appearance of Roaches

So, you are not at the first sign of roaches presence inside your house. Do not be scared or intimidated. Instead, stay alert of any potential issue. When you actually see roaches passing across your house, you have the roaches colony inhabiting in your house. Yes, it sounds so terrifying and you should definitely take any necessary actions. The roaches are nocturnal insects so you will most likely spot any of the roaches prior to or during the night. Usually, they scatter around the room especially around the kitchen where they can get feed.

However, in worst cases, the presence of roaches scattering in the house can be found during the day. Usually, it happens when there are big colonies or roaches living in your house and they are crazy for finding food sources. And, you have to be aware of the areas used by the roaches as the nesting or inhabiting ground. This way, you can do the roaches extermination easier with more effective result.

Roaches Feces Spotted

Are you aware of the physical appearance of feces? Well, you should be now. These insects basically eat everything they can find including garbage, feces, dead skin cells and people food. And with high metabolism, they have considerably big amount of feces or droppings. The roach feces appearance actually varies from resembling the brown stains, pepper, oval pellets or coffee grounds. The most likely places to find the feces include pantries, skinks, food storages and cupboards. When you spot the feces, you have found the high traffic zone of the roaches. This is definitely the time when you need to do the extermination as soon as possible before the situation gets out of control.

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Find Roaches Egg and Cases

Here is the next sign of roaches presence in your house, you find the roaches’ egg or eggs cases. Roaches are aggressive breeders so their infestations can go out of control in no time. So, when the situation gets a bit worse, it is easy to spot the roaches eggs and the cases. Roaches breed many eggs at a time so their population doubles easily. The eggs cases are known as oothecae which is usually left behind after the eggs hatched. Find any possible eggs cases on potential areas like behind or inside the pantries, between the wall cracks, or inside the protected areas.

Smell Roaches

We all agree that roaches have bad smell. So, smell is basically one of the most visible sign of roaches presence inside the house. These insects produce the musty pungent odor which gets so much worse following growing of infestation. In fact, one German roach produces enough smell for you to realize. And, the dead roaches also produce particular odors because the dead bodies start producing the so called oleic acid during the decomposition. So, every time you realize the smell lingering inside your house, it is an obvious sign of roaches and you should be doing some works as soon as possible.

Dead Roaches Found

So, your house has become the nesting and inhabiting place for roaches so you will find it very normal to find the dead roaches inside the house. You may find them in certain protected or shaded areas like under the sinks or behind the cabinets. Try to find any dead roaches during the day. Once you spot any dead roaches, it is already an obvious sign or roaches presence.

Well, you should be terrified just yet because your work is not over. It is the time for you to start all the necessary efforts to get rid of the roaches right away. With so many effective home remedies and extermination, you have more than enough options to make your house roaches-free. This may take weeks to months until your house is completely clean from the roaches. But in the end, all your works are paid off by having your house a very comfortable, clean, and peaceful place for living.