Amazing Natural Ingredients for Whitening Teeth Can Be Found in The Kitchen

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Natural Ingredients for Whitening Teeth That Can Be Found in The Kitchen

Brilliant white teeth are the capital to boost the confidence of a person, including you. No need to shell out too much as a way to whiten teeth, for natural ingredients that are in the kitchen you can use to whiten teeth. What’s it?

Baking soda

Take a pinch of baking soda and flatten in the toothbrush will you wear. This powder is useful for whitening teeth and creates conditions in the mouth that is more alkaline so it is useful to control the growth rate of bacteria.


Whitening teeth with cheese is traditional tips. Eat a piece of cheese after a meal. This custom is also useful to prevent tooth decay.

Lemon juice

Mix lemon juice with salt. Then DAB on the teeth as much as 1-2 times in a week.


Malic acid content in strawberry is useful for whitening your teeth.


Chewing raw and fresh carrots are handy to clean the teeth and plaque. As a result, the teeth will be brilliant white.

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Eat apples or cucumbers are able to help you to realize the desire to have brilliant white teeth.

Coconut oil

Gargle with coconut oil also could you try to whiten teeth. Coconut oil will kill the bacteria in the mouth and minimize the occurrence of inflammation, prevent plaque, and gums.

That’s the natural ingredients that you can use to whiten teeth. You can get the maximum results if done it at least a month.