Sore Throat ICD 10

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Sore Throat ICD 10

One of the common health issues related to respiratory system is sore throat ICD 10. ICD stands for International Classification if Diseases established by World Health Organization. This classification puts respiratory health problem in the block J00-J99. This coding system helps people in medical field to understand about how to give proper treatment for specific health issues. In this article, we are going to cover the information related to sore throat. Sore throat becomes popular discussion when talking about ICD 10 since it is considered as the common health issues on human respiratory system.

Clinical Information Related to Sore Throat ICD 10

  1. Symptoms. People often confuse symptoms with diagnosis when analyzing the sore throat. If the relation between sore throat with other definitive diagnosis is not confirmed, the sore throat is considered as symptoms rather than diagnosis. The exception of this situation is for tonsillitis and streptococcal pharyngitis. In other hand, sore throat is considered as diagnosis instead of symptom if the definitive diagnosis for it is confirmed. The symptoms of sore throat are often manifested in form of pain, discomfort, and inflammation.
  2. Causes. There are several causes for sore throat ICD 10. Infectious agents are considered as the main causes for it. Infections that are contributed to sore throat are including infection coming from flu and common cold. Bad habit such as smoking may also cause sore throat as well. In other condition, people are suffering sore throat due to allergies. Other disease that is often associated with this respiratory system health issue is tonsillitis.
  3. Condition. The condition for sore throat ICD 10 is divided into chronic and acute. In acute condition, the symptoms of sore throat are recurring. In order to decide whether the condition is acute recurrent, it is important to make proper documentation about it. The documentation should mention how often the symptoms of sore throat are recurring. This will help you to give proper diagnose on this disease.
  4. Anatomic. The problem of sore throat ICD 10 can be determined easily by understanding the anatomy of respiratory system. Each anatomic section of human respiratory system is classified under specific code related to the disease. For instance, tracheobronchitis is classified under J40 code, the bronchitis. The anatomic classification is coded into several types to give easy solution for specific respiratory health problem. In the case of sore throat, pain neck and dysphagia are excluded.
  5. Treatment. The treatment for sore throat is corresponding to its causes. In the case of mild sore throat, sucking lozenges might help to ease the pain. Increasing water and liquid intake also helps to reduce the inflammation on the throat as well. However, some severe sore throat and acute situation requires more attention. Over the counter medicine and prescribed pain relievers are often used to treat this disease.
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Even though the classification for any disease is implemented internationally, some countries use exclusive coding on the classification. The classification of sore throat ICD 10 is generally the same globally since it is considered as common health issues throughout the world.

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