What Do Roaches Eat

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What Do Roaches Eat

Do you wondering what do roaches eat at your home? The item that roaches eat at least has three elements to consider. First, in generally, roach is kinds of omnivorous scavengers that will eat any food organic, plants and animals.  They prefer to eat any sweets, starches, meats and also others of decay objects such as hair, books, or cloth.  Second, they are opportunities animal eater that will eat anything in your home as long as the item considers to the last elements; they need to be organic one. Here are several items that roaches attracted to eat in your home.

  1. Foods item. If you have left food at your dinner, please do storage immediately into freezer or take it into your garage. Decaying food is delicious food source for roaches and they mostly become attracted with strong smells such as compost, food garbage and quickly find anything you left even it is small grease drop.
  2. Household items that eat by roaches. Sometimes, you find that your households are damage because roaches bite? Roaches often eat household item such as toothpaste, wallpaper, glue, leather, cardboard, book bindings, nylon clothing, and many more. Roaches has digestive tract that filled with varies of protozoa and bacteria that make them available to eat any non-food item.
  3. Natural diet of roaches. If there are no presence of humans being, then naturally roaches will eat any plants, decaying material, feces from other animals, dead bodies and flesh, dead trees, and other deadly insects. That’s why the roaches is called with cannibal, they eat their young roaches, other dead roaches and bodies. The roaches itself is the oldest pest.

Roaches bite attack

Roaches that bite human might makes you think that roaches eat human. Actually, roaches bite can be heal by home remedies or using medicine for insect bite.

Method for against roach’s infestation

If your home, car or apartment has been attacked with roach’s infestation, then there is several methods that you can use.

  1. Use water trap. This is a trap for roaches using a jar with water and lure. In the mouth of jar, there will be a funnel. The water trap is place in front of roaches nest in directly. As soon as when the roaches step out from their nest because they smell the bait/lure, the roaches will fall into water trap automatically and they will be trapped into the jar stocked due to the funnel.
  2. Using chemical mix.
  3. Using roaches spray products killer. When you decide to make your own formula of roach’s killer, then you need to know the best mixed solutions properly. When it is not in right dose, it just gives you ineffective result. Know what type of roaches that infest at your home so you can make or buying product or roaches control that fit with your requirement. There are several roaches control that you can choose. Here are few products that you can choose.
  4. Bengal Roach Spray. This is option for you who are looking for odorless and effective result guarantee. This spray also works well for combat the roach eggs. The price is $10, 99.
  5. Next is Orthoboric acid roach and ant killer from PIC. This is convenient product for home, hotel and restaurant. You can buy this product less from $10.
  6. Advion roaches bait arena from Dupont. It cost you more with $39.40. This is product that work well for any roaches size, whether small or large.
  7. Liquid roach bait from Hot Shot. This is cost you $12.54. It has 6 baits content that will attract and kill the roaches within 24 hours.
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Preventing your items eaten by roaches

If you want to prevent any roaches attack, then you can do these several things. First, store all your food items into container with tight sealers and then make sure that it has no any contact with any food in surface. Second, after you eat your food, clean any dirty mesh soon and make sure that the area keeps clean and dry. Roaches are live in environment with high moist, dark. Therefore it is important for repair any leaks on your pipe and faucets and ensure that there are no rotting wood or damp in your residents or office. One thing that you need to remember is that cockroaches are cannibalism and they will eat other dead or dying cockroach. Therefore, it is good for you to clean the surface immediately when you see dead cockroach.