What Essential Oil is good for Sunburn?

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What Essential Oil is good for Sunburn?

Those who have issues with sun heat probably wonder the question on what essential oil is good for sunburn. It may come as no surprise that several people, especially those who live in non-tropical countries will have a hard time adjusting to the sun heat when they go to the tropical countries. For those who have not gotten used to it, it can cause heat exhaustion and in more severe case, they can get sunburn in which their skin gets painful rash due to the excessive exposure to ultraviolet. In simple, those people, most probably including you, need to protect themselves from such harmful exposure.

List of Essential Oils for Sunburn

The first and crucial solution to the question on what essential oil is good for sunburn is actually so many. By that, it means that there are actually many variations of essential oils which magical properties are good to healing and nursing sunburn. For those of you who have certain issues with sun heat and do plan on visiting tropical countries, you had better have one of these in your backpack.

Here is the list of essential oils you can really use in case of sunburn:

Geranium essential oil
Many people will find this type of essential oil very useful for this essential oil has many magical properties for your health. Besides coming handy for repelling mosquitos when you are in tropical area and treating injured body tissue inside of your body, you can make use of this essential oil to treat your sunburn skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can keep you away from further infection and severe case of skin problem caused by sunburn. Apply this solution on your affected skin on regular basis as basic treatment.

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Lavender essential oil
There is actually a reason behind the fact that lavender is used as one main ingredient for tea. It has been well-known that its calming sensation does have many effects on several medical problems. Just like other herbs, such as peppermint and geranium, lavender essential oil can be of perfect answer for the question on what essential oil is good for sunburn. Thanks to its sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender has been proven effective to heal your burnt skin due to excessive sun heat. Apply the solution diluted with water on your burnt skin regularly.

Tea Tree essential oil
Do not get confused with tea plant as they are totally different things; it actually is sort of a misnomer as it does not have any similarity with tea plant. This type of tree can be used as effective solution to the question on what essential oil is good for sunburn. Due to its relieving and soothing sensation, it can treat your sunburnt and blistered skin.

Well, that is all for the list of solutions to the question on what essential oil is good for sunburn. You can use those ingredients to fight sunburn. However, do not hesitate to visit doctor if you find severe indications.