What Are The Dangers Of Eating Expired Food

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What Are The Dangers Of Eating Expired Food?

The dangers of expired food against the human body can occur gradually and could not direct. The body is experiencing health problems begin to be felt after one month if the person consuming the expired foods every day. Basically the food that has expired is not recommended to eat again. These foods can cause several health complaints, including:
1. Poisoning
Food that has expired may not be bad in children who consume only once. But if consumed daily and excessive, then, there are chemical reactions in the food will turn into poison and injure the digestive organs and causing poisoning. Poisoning usually begins with vomiting.

2. Hazards for fetal development
Pregnant women who are fond of eating food that has expired for the duration of her pregnancy, then the fetal development will be hampered. Babies don’t get good nutrition from the expired food. Outdated food containing the bacteria can cause the fetus could not grow normally.

3. Vulnerable to hurt children’s stomach
The expired food hazards in early childhood. Children tend to be more vulnerable to occur when consuming it in excessive amounts in one day. Children’s gastric is more easily irritated by a wide variety of preservative that has undergone a change reaction due to the food which is consumed has expired. Older children are more prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea. It is a very dangerous condition, if the child continually consumes expired food due to the effects of the hazards of food preservative will not be inevitable again.

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4. Abdominal pain
Expired food that has moldy already can certainly contain bacteria that appear due to the enzymes in foods has experienced the decay and been contaminated by free radicals, so there was decomposition by bacteria which if entered in the stomach can causes of abdominal pain.

5. Diarrhea
Expired foods that have slimy, foul-smelling and there is a small worm or maggot then it can be ascertained that the food has been damaged, and suffered a process of decomposition by bacteria. The condition of the food could lead to someone stricken with diarrhea.

6. Constipation
Food that has undergone a change of shape, color and taste can lead to constipation, as nutrients including fiber that exists therein had already been lost. The State of these foods can cause the process of disposal of stool becomes difficult.