3 Essential Oils to Keep Ants Away

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3 Essential Oils to Keep Ants Away

Why would you want to utilize natural home remedy to get rid of ants when you could utilize a commercial formula? Natural essential oils are so much more suitable than utilizing those harmful sprays on the market that can injure the health of your family and your pets. Essential oils also set you back less to use and they smell good. Ants are a pest undesirable in any kitchen area. They can be black or brown. Similar to all pests, they have 6 legs and have a segmented elliptic body. Shown here are essential oils to keep ants away which should grant you with some fast treatment.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil. Peppermint ant spray will keep ants away from your house without any chemical substance or bad insect repellent odor. Ants strongly do not like the odor of peppermint, most likely since it disrupts their ability to interact through scent markings. It does not always harm them; they simply keep away from it. Splash it around the insides of your windows and doors, and anywhere else you feel ants are getting in. You can also blend a peppermint essential oil and water solution, around 10 drops in a little bottle of water, to apply windowsills and door frames or straight into lines of walking ants to get rid of these insects. Simultaneously, your house will be loaded with the wonderful fragrance of mint!
  2. Lemon Essential Oil. While this option does not seem to be as useful as vinegar and water, lemon essential oil is outstanding for hindering ants and they smell incredibly much better (assuming you do not enjoy the odor of vinegar). Lemon oils contain d-limonene, which is hazardous to ants. Discover where the ants are entering your house. Add a good amount of lemon oil to a cotton ball, run it along the ant route. Put the cotton ball at the doorway. While this works effective for a temporary solution, as quickly as the lemon scent wears away, the ants will start their exploration again for whatever attracted them in the first location. You might need to reapply frequently till you figure out exactly what they’re after.
  3. Garlic Essential Oil. Garlic works for those creatures. Eugenol is an element of garlic essential oil. It is a quick acting contact insecticide that works on a wide range of home insects such as ants and cockroaches. Although garlic essential oil isn’t as aromatically pleasing as cinnamon oil, they work properly. To frighten these pesky pests from almost anywhere, just simply drop a few garlic essential oil and put them near the ants. The only inconvenience is smelling garlic. When blended with another oil, garlic essential oil works best. It is extremely strong, so I highly recommend utilizing it in small amounts.

When it comes to natural ant control treatments, constancy is the key. Try another if one of these solutions does not work for you. What is your favorite essential oil to keep ants away?

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