How to Get Rid Of Salamanders

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How to Get Rid Of Salamanders?

Salamanders fall into amphibian group. The presence of salamanders is basically helpful because they eat snails, worms, bugs, spiders and any others damaging the plants in the garden. Oftentimes, they become an annoyance to a bunch of people that make them think about how to get rid of salamanders. Commonly, they present in a lizard-like and small appearance. Due to the moist skin they have, they need to be near to the water or damp and swampy area. Salamanders are not harmful to human, but there are some ways to keep them away from your surroundings.

The Steps to How to Get Rid of Salamanders

  1. Using natural elements. What you have in the kitchen can be the weapon to do the battle of how to get rid of salamanders. All you need to prepare are eggshells, coffee, mothball, tobacco, onions, garlic, and cayenne peppers. Make use one of them, or use the all at once to get the effective result. Eggshells can be used to scare off the salamanders. Coffee and tobacco can poison the, while mothballs can repel them. The odor of garlic cloves and onions can also repel the salamanders and keep them at the bay. Spread them around the house or in the area where they seem to gather and stay. Besides, you can also make a spray made from cayenne pepper sauce. For spray, it needs to come into contact directly with the salamanders, so they will give up on their presence and the mission of getting rid of salamanders will be accomplished.
  2. Cleaning up your environment. Cleaning up environment means it makes an uncomfortable home to the salamanders. They usually like to hide in places with a good warmth and water. Try to maintain the hygiene on a regular basis so that a comfy home for salamanders cannot be established. Sweep the floor and try not to leave anything in stack on it, such as books, boxes, or laundry. Do not hang up too many pictures on the walls as the love to hide behind them and keep any furniture in the room six inches from the wall. Since salamander love to bask in warmth, you can trick them by turning down the thermostat as low as possible especially in the night. Also, do not forget to check on the faucets or pipes that might be leaky and fix them. Always note that salamanders are attracted to that kind of environment.
  3. Cutting off their food sources. Mosquitos, flies, gnats, spiders and bugs are the energy resource of salamanders. As long as the still live, salamanders will always be there as well. The most effective way is to tackle down the population of the salamanders’ foods, once the foods are gone; they will not come to your home looking for them again. Try to cut the off by covering up all the garbage, not leaving a glass or any container filled with water in a certain area for a long time, and not letting water stay in the sink. Once you do them very well, you will a success in how to get rid of salamanders.
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