How To Get Rid Of Fleas

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How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are parasites that cause a real threat to your pet’s safety and your own. They have really long legs and they are great jumpers. Fleas suck the blood off animals and even if they are small, the problem they create, if they are not immediately dealt with, can be real big. Fleas can reproduce quickly and can infest your home or even kill your pet. Fleas can cause the bubonic plague and transmit various diseases such as typhus fever, tapeworm and other viruses. Not everyone knows how to get rid of fleas effectively, so the parasites just come back and multiply, causing a lot of damage.

Here are some tips on how you can get rid of fleas in the home to protect you and your pet.

  • Use Botanical Dust. One of the most important tricks on how to get rid of fleas is to kill them while they are still eggs. You can kill fleas in house before they can reproduce. To do this, spread botanical dust with Borate acid throughout your home, especially on carpets. Borate acid is not harmful to your pets. Mix 4 parts of borate acid with 1 part salt then sprinkle on the carpet. Avoid staying in your house on that day and let the botanical dust settle.  After 24 hours, you should wash your bed sheets carefully and vacuum your carpets exhaustively. Steam clean your carpets before applying the botanical dust. This will help get rid of the fleas because they will drown in water. As you use your vacuum, you will suck out all the fleas – eggs, larva and adults.


  • Use your Vacuum. The most reliable household equipment you can use on how to get rid of fleas is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum places where your pet frequents as well as carpeted areas. A good tip is to sprinkle some moth flakes on your vacuum canister and on your carpets. The moth flakes will effectively kill fleas. Make sure to vacuum regularly to catch fleas. A few fleas can produce thousands in a span of a few days.


  • Use Salt. Salt is a common kitchen item but it is also a great ingredient on how to get rid of fleas. Get a handful and spread it over your carpet. You should leave the salt on the carpet for at least 7 days then vacuum it off. The flea will bleed to death as the salt will scrap its body and drain it.  Make sure to clean your vacuum canister and dispose of your vacuum bags after cleaning up salt crystals and dead fleas.


  • Use Cedar Chips. A good trick on how to get rid of fleas out of a particular spot or from your pet is to use cedar chips. The chips give off an odor that fleas hate, which will make them get off your pet. If you put them in close proximity to your pet, it won’t be toxic to him but it will cause the parasite to jump off your pet and get away from the smell. You can vacuum your pet’s location occasionally so that you can catch the fleas. You can place cedar chips on rooms with carpets or any area in your home where you suspect the parasites thrive.


  • Use Tape. You may have tried different ways on how to get rid of fleas and yet still find a few jumping around. You can catch these annoying fleas with a piece of tape. Remember to keep a roll of tape in areas where fleas frequent, such as bathrooms, bedrooms and near the carpet. This way, you don’t have to run to get your vacuum and find that the flea has already gone away. You can instantly catch and kill them using tape.


  • Use Water-Detergent Mixture. Another effective way to get rid of fleas in the carpet or on your pets is by filling a bowl with a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent on the ground in areas near your carpet or pet. The detergent will poison them. Fleas are attracted to moisture or water and they will jump into the bowl. Water is the cheapest and easiest solution to getting rid of fleas. The fleas will drown and the detergent in the mixture will make sure that they are killed as soon as they hit the water. If you are going to use these water bowls at night, make sure that there is a light source near them. Fleas will be attracted to the light and jump into the bowl and die.


  • Use Flea Soap on your pets. If your home is free from fleas but you have a pet, there is a great possibility that your pet will catch fleas from the outside when you take him for a walk. It is important to wash your pets with soap and water to kill the fleas. A good tip on how to get rid of fleas on your pet is to put soap on the following areas before you douse your pet with water: eyes, mouth, nose and anus. When the pet is wet, the fleas will jump to the areas of his body that are dry such as those mentioned above. The soap will kill them. Give your pet regular baths. Even dipping in the water will help because the fleas will fall out of your pet’s body. Cleanliness is perhaps the best way to get rid of them. Make sure that you bathe your pet regularly. Allow the pet to dip in a tub filled with water. This will allow the fleas to fall out naturally and easily since they do not cling on the hair shaft.


  • Use flea collars.Flea collars are among the most useful tools that will help on how to get rid of fleas on your pets and keep them away. If your pet wears flea collars, fleas will not jump on him when he takes a walk outside. For existing fleas, you can use spot flea treatments to kill them. It is important to remove fleas off your pets and off their beddings to prevent them from spreading and multiplying. To do this, you should wash sheets in hot water, even your own bedsheets. When you dry them, use the highest heat setting.  Cleaning your pet and his home will also prevent your entire home from being infested.flea-collar
  • Use pet food with flea products. Since fleas feed off the blood of your pet, you can add tablets to your pet food that will enter his bloodstream. The fleas will die instantly as they suck the blood. These flea products are designed to attack the fleas’ nervous system so they instantly die, leaving no room for reproduction.
  • Use Flea Traps. Your local home center can help you on how to get rid of fleas at home. You can buy flea traps and place them strategically in places of your home where they will attract fleas. Once the fleas are trapped, they will die. You can leave the traps in the rooms until you notice that all of the fleas in the house or on your pets are gone.


  • Use natural foods. There are natural methods on how to get rid of fleas and they are effective, inexpensive and safe.
  1. The peels of citrus foods such as oranges, lemon and grapefruit can be simmered in water to produce citrus oil. Pour the oil evenly on your pet’s skin. This will kill the fleas on the skin and keep others from jumping in.
  2. Eucalyptus contained in shampoos and oils will also have the same effect. The scent of the eucalyptus will drive the fleas away. When used with water and soap, eucalyptus oil will kill fleas on your pet’s body. You can mix dried leaves of eucalyptus with cornstarch and use it as pet powder. You can also put eucalyptus oil on a folded cloth and place it on your pet’s neck like a collar.
  3. You can also use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, as well as banana peels, rosemary and brewer’s yeast. Mix one part of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with three parts of water. You can even add a few drops of essential oils. Using a spray bottle, apply the vinegar mixture on your pet and in the places where he frequents or sleeps.  Your pet can also take apple cider vinegar orally. As the vinegar seeps into the pet’s skin, the fleas will run away.
  4. Banana peels, on the other hand, are among the easiest natural means to get rid of fleas. All that you have to do is to place them on furniture and floors and allow the potassium in the banana peel to kill the fleas. Keep the banana peels out of sight of children and pets. Rosemary leaves used as tea can also be used to get rid of fleas. Boil chopped leaves in water and when it has cooled down, use it as a bath wash or shampoo for your pet. Not only will your pet smell good, he will also be free from parasites. Fleas hate the smell of rosemary so they will most likely stay away from your pet.
  5. You can buy brewer’s yeast tablets and add them to your pet’s food. The skin of your pet will excrete the yeast, which will irritate the fleas, kill them or make them get out of your pet’s skin. However, you should ask your veterinarian about the best dosage of brewer’s yeast tablets for your pet. Likewise, diatomaceous earth can be rubbed into each part of your pet’s body where fleas frequent, such as the chin, stomach, chest and legs.
  6. After you applying the dust, your pet will shake it off, and the fleas will come out of his body along with the dust. To kill the fleas, apply a thin layer of the dust on the floor where your pet is standing on before you apply it on his body.
  7. Olive oil is one of the most popular ways on how to get rid of fleas naturally. Apply olive oil on your pet’s skin and rub it all over his body. Leave the oil on for about 4 hours or more then rinse thoroughly to wash off the fleas and keep them off your pet in the next few days. You can do the olive oil application regularly.

It is not hard to get rid of fleas in your home or on your pets. You just need to be vigilant and diligent in maintaining cleanliness. Even though, it may take a lot of work, you will save yourself from a lot of trouble and diseases. Keep your home a safe haven for people and pets alike by making it flea-free.