How To Get Rid Of Vertigo Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Vertigo Naturally

Everyone should know the answer to the question of how to get rid of vertigo. When vertigo attack, you will feel like dying. It is because your head will severely hurt especially only on one side of head. You will feel that everything is spinning around you and it is just so painful. Vertigo is not classified as a dangerous health condition. However, it is very painful and that is why getting rid of vertigo as soon as possible when you have it before it gets even worse seems to be a pretty good idea. Usually, to cure vertigo, you will consume medicines from doctors. Actually, there are plenty natural ingredients that can be used to cure vertigo. Below are some of them and it is completed by the healthy lifestyle as well.

1.     The Natural Home Remedies of Vertigo: Ginger, Coriander Seeds, and Lemon Grass

Ginger is one of the ingredients that you can use to get rid of vertigo instantly. Inside ginger, you can find anti-inflammatory agent that will prevent the vertigo from getting worse. Also, ginger has warm and soothing flavor that can prevent the nausea. Vertigo is usually followed by nausea and by consuming ginger, you can prevent the nausea and stop the painful feeling on your head. The best way in using ginger to cure vertigo is by making warm ginger water. First of all, grab one ginger and then rinse and peel properly. Then, prepare a cheese grater and then grate the ginger until it forms string-like form. Mix the grated ginger with two glasses of pure drinking water on a pan. Then, put the pan on the heat and wait until the water is completely boiling. Turn off the heat and then leave the mixture until it is warm and drinkable. Strain the mixture and place the water on a glass. Add two tablespoons of honey and stir it well. Drink the ginger water and automatically, it will soothe your vertigo and you will not feel the nausea.

The next ingredient is coriander seeds. This amazingly fragrant spice is very powerful to get rid of the vertigo that you have. Coriander seeds are completed by many substances that can stop the pain of the vertigo as soon as possible. To consume coriander seeds, you can basically make curry using it. However, if you want to try the simpler method, you need to just drink the coriander seeds. First of all, prepare a tablespoon of coriander seeds powder. Then, just like making the ginger water, mix the coriander seeds powder with two glasses of pure drinking water on a pan. Then, put the pan on the heat and wait until the water is completely boiling. Wait until it is warm and mix two tablespoons of honey for sweetness and stir it well. Drink it as soon as possible while it is warm and soon your vertigo will be gone.

Just like ginger, lemon grass is also powerful to get rid of the vertigo. Lemon grass has beautiful smell and it is very intense in flavor. However, the power of lemon grass to get rid of vertigo cannot be taken for granted. Basically, it is the same as ginger. Inside the lemon grass, you can find anti-inflammatory agent that will prevent the vertigo from getting worse and prevent the nausea as well. Lemon grass is pretty common in many dishes. However, it is not that common in beverage. But, the best way in using lemon grass to cure vertigo is by making hot beverages from it. In this case, you can make warm lemon grass tea. All you need to do is actually pretty simple. Grab a lemon grass and the rinse it well and chop the lemon grass into small pieces. Then, make a hot cup of tea. After the tea is ready, add the lemon grass and let the lemon grass gets infused to your tea. The warm feeling that can be given by the lemon grass is very soothing and it can get rid of the vertigo is really no time at all.

2.     Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Vertigo

One of the biggest causes of vertigo is because the lack of sleep. When you are not sleeping, your system will keep being forced to work functionally even though your body is actually tired. The supply of oxygen to the brain will be not good at all. That is the cause of vertigo. There is only little oxygen supplies to your brain and it will cause the vertigo. That is why the first healthy lifestyle to prevent vertigo is by getting enough sleep. Let your body rest and you will be free from vertigo. Avoid being workaholic and stop for a while to get a nice sleep throughout the night.


The next healthy lifestyle to keep you away from vertigo as long as possible is by staying away from coffee. Coffee is full of caffeine and it can make you feel less tired and sleepy. When you are not sleepy, you do not sleep. Just like what was stated above, no sleep means no rest for the body. It will limit the oxygen supply to the brain and you will have severe vertigo in just hours later.

The next healthy lifestyle is by keeping your body hydrated. When your body is dehydrated, your body will be unable to work its function properly. That is why drink enough water every day. You must drink for at least 8 glasses of water every day. It can be added by infused water, fruit juices, milk, and many more. As long as you stay away from being dehydrated, you will never feel the vertigo at all.

Now you know the home remedies to treat vertigo and also the healthy lifestyle to prevent vertigo as well. Remember to always keep the healthy lifestyle so that you do not have to deal with the vertigo. However, if you do get vertigo, practice the home remedies of how to get rid of vertigo naturally.