How to Get Rid of Group B Strep

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How to Get Rid of Group B Strep

In this article, we are going to talk about several methods on how to get rid of group B strep. This health problem is often occurred on pregnant women on their third trimester. It should not be surprising since during the pregnancy, the women are vulnerable to any health problem. Group B streptococcus is apparently one of them. This health issue requires immediate medical attention. Without proper medical attention, it might lead to lung and brain infection on the baby. Blood poisoning is also potential effect of this health issue. Here are several methods that you can do to make sure that group B streptococcus will not be a problem any longer.

  1. Vaginal treatment. Since the effect of group B streptococcus appears in the vagina of pregnant women, vaginal treatment becomes the most effective treatment. Aside from taking probiotic supplement vaginally, you can also take it orally for better result. Keeping the vagina canal clean is also a good way to start it. Rinse the vagina canal with Chlorhexidine is highly recommended for this treatment. It is able to kill the bacteria causing the health problem on your vagina canal. In order to get better result from this cleansing, it is advisable to repeat the procedure regularly.
  2. Probiotic diet. Other than the method of how to get rid of group B strep above, you can also do the probiotic diet. Probiotic diet refers to a particular method that requires you to consume food that is rich of probiotic. Yogurt is the easiest food that you can try. Besides probiotic food, you can also consume other foods that might help you with this health problem. Consuming raw garlic cloves is a good way to start it. If you do not like the scent and aroma of raw garlic cloves, you can always take the garlic capsules. Alternatively, it is also recommended to consume coconut oil. Coconut oil is natural source of antiviral substances. This will help you to eliminate the causes for group B strep.
  3. Apple cider vinegar consumption. Apple cider vinegar is always good for everything. The health benefits of apple cider vinegar for your health are scientifically confirmed. Apparently, it is also able to help you eliminate the threat causing group B strep. Consuming apple cider vinegar is the easiest way to get the health benefits from it. Other than consuming apple cider vinegar, you can also get its health benefit by using it vaginally. Keep in mind that you need to dilute the apple cider vinegar before you rinse your vagina with it.

The key to get healthy pregnancy without any threat from group B strep is regular treatment. The regularity of each treatment is different. You also need to take care of the dose of particular medication or food consumption as well. For instance, vaginal treatment using Chlorhexiedineor apple cider vinegar can be performed once a day. In other hand, garlic consumption is advisable to be performed before you go to sleep. The list of methods on how to get rid of group B strep above is merely a reference. For the best treatment, you need to contact your doctor.

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