How to Get Rid of Hookworms in Yard

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How to Get Rid of Hookworms in Yard

Hookworms are intestinal parasites mostly living in the soil of your yard. This kind of worms is very harmful and tarrying for every person who owns a yard. Unfortunately those who shudder at it are not well-informed when it comes to the way how to get rid of hookworms in yard. The existence of hookworms should be banished given the ugly consequences that follow. Hookworms can cause infection, diarrhea, protein loss, anemia, and the worst of them all, death. The presence of hookworms can possibly be eradicated using potent methods. Here are some methods you can implement if your yard is a house full of these parasites.

Four Simple Ways for How to Get Rid of Hookworms in Yard

  1. Maintain the Hygiene of Your Pets. Pets such as cats are hookworms’ carrier. The worms are carried through the feces of pets. The feces are the nest of hookworms. A small feces can carry millions of the parasites egg and the can survive for many years until they hatch into larvae. Once there is an area defected by the feces, pick it up by using a scoop to prevent it from spreading and infecting the soil. This transformation from the egg to the larvae is the danger. Once they go through your own or pets’ skin and bring theirs harmfulness. Besides, pets tend to lick anything that interests them. Beware of the properties often licked by the infected pets.
  2. Maintain the hygiene of your home. The next thing on how to get rid of hookworms in yard is to clean up some areas in your home in which your pets spend the time most. In addition, clean the toys and blanket and if the pets have their own home. Don’t forget your carpets or drapes; they might be at risk too. Maintain the hygiene seriously on regular basis. Heat is the most powerful way to kill the eggs. Wash and steam everything with hot water. To make them dead effectively, try make a mixture of 3 cups of bleach and 1 gallon of water. The job of the bleach is to remove the parasites egg. Keep your pets away from the children’ playground
  3. Maintain your own hygiene. Make sure to wash your hands after doing anything that involves touching the soil. If you happened to walk around your yard barefoot, don’t forget to clean up your feet before entering home. Washing your hands and feet will prevent the egg from infecting your skin and spreading inside your own home. Always use gloves when doing outside activity such as gardening or picking up the pets’ poops
  4. Spreading borate sodium (borax). Sodium is popularly known for its deadly capacity to get rid of hookworms effectively. Make a spray liquid out of borax, or if you want to make it more lethal on the parasite, add some acid tannic. Spray it over the inside part of your home such as your carpets, drapes, bed sheets and the outside such as grass, the dirt and the soil. Pets’ poops should be disinfected by this too. Put it into your concern that using borax will leave some residue around the sprayed area, but it will continue killing the parasites, so rinsing the area is not a necessary. If there is no acid tannic, you solely use the borax by pouring it over the soil. You will need approximately 10 pounds of borax. Using borax may damage the vegetation
  5. Regular checkup. The last way on how to get rid of hookworms in yard is to have your pets checked. See a vet to look into the sample of dropping you bring. If there the pets are suspected, ask the vet to prescribe some medication to prevent the hookworms from getting bigger and stronger.
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