How to Get Rid Of Groundhogs Ammonia

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How to Get Rid Of Groundhogs Ammonia

Many people, especially gardeners have wondered how to get rid of groundhogs ammonia. These pests obviously damage and ruin their flowerbeds, gardens, and yards. It can be a hard effort. However, if you face the damage that these pests can cause, you are probably thinking to try anything to get rid of them, including using chemicals like ammonia.

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia Effectively

  • The Easiest Way: Soaked Rags. Soak some rags in ammonia for approximately 15 minutes. Place them around your garden or yard. Possibly, the effect of ammonia will last a little longer than the Epsom salts and other pest repellent but it should be renewed periodically.
  • Pouring The  Ammonia into the Holes. The next method on how to get rid of groundhogs ammonia is called as “ammonia in the hole”. To apply this method, you need to do it in the sunny day since the sunlight bring outs the groundhogs from their burrow. On the sunny day, pour 3 cups of sudsy ammonia into the burrows or holes. Make sure that the ammonia liquid flow deeply into the hole. Don’t forget to wear gloves while pouring the ammonia. If you can’t find the Sudsy ammonia in your local market, you can replace it with detergent solution. It will be as effective as using the Sudsy ammonia. Next, add two cups of regular ammonia into the solution. Then, pour it into the burrows to push the groundhogs to get out. Sometimes you will find that it takes long to make the groundhogs to come out from the holes. This condition happens due to the instinct of the groundhogs to safe the new born and find new home to take them there. Doing this method, you need to be patient enough to keep watching on the holes to make sure if they already leave the holes. If the next days you still find some activities, it means you have to repeat the whole process to repel the groundhogs completely. It is right that the process need to be repeated regularly for several days. Repeat to pour the ammonia every day and note that it should be done in the sunny day only.
  • Ammonia Mud. In this method, you need to provide lots of mud. Mix the mud with ammonia and refill the burrows or holes that have been digged up by groundhogs again and again. It is absolutely tiring and taking long. But in the end, the groundhogs or woodchuck will be exhausted and leave the area. Using ammonia as rodent repellant might be the most effective way. Follow up the ammonia method to help minimizing the damage of your yard or garden caused by groundhogs of course by following the standard precautions. During the ammonia method, make sure that the placement of your ammonia will not disturb human more than groundhogs. Monitor your local groundhogs population to see if the ammonia has any effect. Always note that exercising caution when working with ammonia is a must since ammonia is a strong toxic chemical that can be dangerous in large concentrations.
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Truth is that all of these methods are gambles though there is wide chance that ammonia will work well in groundhogs. Repellents, including ammonia contain the smell of a predator. That it is estimated to be effective on these furry pests in your yard. Since ammonia is chemical substance that contains toxic, it should be considered to apply it as the last choices after some homemade repellants.