How to Make Blood Pressure Go Down Quickly

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How to Make Blood Pressure Go Down Quickly

High blood pressure is often associated with lethal diseases including stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and many more. If you are seeking out for how to make blood pressure go down quickly, this article will give you some tips to do so. The main contributing factor for high blood pressure is unhealthy lifestyle. Consuming too much cholesterol shrink the blood vessel. Lack of physical activity makes the buildup cholesterol in blood vessel does not disintegrated properly through metabolism process. Fortunately, you can prevent yourself from lethal diseases caused by high blood pressure. Instead of consuming over the counter medicine, you can use the following natural method to reduce your high blood pressure.

Reducing High Bloor Pressure Naturally

  • Improve potato consumption
    One of the best ways on how to make blood pressure go down quickly in natural way is consuming certain food. When it comes for food that is able to reduce high blood pressure, you need to try potato. Potato is filled with potassium. Potassium is contributed to lower high blood pressure. Other than potato, you can consume natural source of potassium such as bananas, tomatoes, peas, orange juice, cantaloupe, and many more.
  • Take care of your salt intake
    Salt is one of the main factors contributed to high blood pressure. The main substance contained in salt is sodium. Approximately 1,200 mg of sodium can be found in half teaspoon of salt. High consumption of sodium will increase the blood pressure. This condition is getting worse since most processed foods are using salt. If you want to reduce your high blood pressure, you need to be careful when consuming food processed with salt. Consuming raw food such as fruit instead is highly advisable.
  • Consume dark chocolate
    The list of how to make blood pressure go down quickly continues with consuming dark chocolate. Compared to conventional chocolate, dark chocolate has more flavanols. Flavanols have unique ability to make your blood vessels more elastic. You might wonder why you need to have elastic blood vessels. If the blood pressure is high, elastic blood vessel will expand. It makes the blood can flow easier in your blood vessel that in turn will lower the pressure inside your blood vessel. The recommended dose for dark chocolate consumption daily is half an ounce.
  • Drink decaf coffee
    People consume coffee for many reasons. One of them is simply because it is tasteful. Unfortunately, coffee is packed with caffeine. Caffeine is not good for your high blood pressure situation. For every 500 mg of caffeine consumption, your blood pressure is increased by 4 mmHg. Therefore, it is advisable to consume decaf coffee instead. Decaf coffee can be still taste appealing without having to bring negative effect on your body.
  • Rest regularly
    Some people underestimate the health benefit of regular sleep. Taking a good rest is the last method on how to make blood pressure go down quickly in this list. Irregular sleep due to extensive working makes your body restless, thus make your blood pressure rising. By scheduling your sleep, you can reduce your blood pressure effectively.
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