What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores?

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What Essential Oil is good for Cold Sores?

People who are suffering from cold sores must want to heal as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can now try treatments to help treating cold sores in simple way. Some essential oils are beneficial and very helpful for this problem. What essential oil is good for cold sores? Let’s check the explanation below.

Cold Sores: the Cause, and What Essential Oil is good for it

  • The cause of cold sores. Before finding the answer to the question of what essential oil is good for cold sores, it is better to know first what cold sores are. Blister which appears like lesions you notice on face are what cold sores are. They may appear in the area near lips, cheeks, chin, or even on gum or palate inside your mouth. These painful sores are caused by virus of herpes simplex.
  • Factors that trigger the virus. The sores can appear because the virus of herpes simplex is triggered by certain factors like fatigue, stress, injury, and so on. After you know about the definition of cold sores as well as the cause and factors that trigger the virus, it is time to discuss further on the solution to treat cold sores. In order to answer the question of what essential oil is good for cold sores, there are some kinds of essential oil which are known helpful for cold sores. It will be explained in the following descriptions.
  • Essential oil for cold sores: Geranium oil. So, what essential oil is good for cold sores? There will be three different essential oils discussed in this section which are beneficial to help treating cold sores. The first one is geranium oil. This essential oil is holistic treatment for body, soul, and your mind. This ingredient acts as anti-inflammatory agent as well as potent astringent. Besides, it also has antimicrobial agent that is powerful. To use it, you need to add one or two drops geranium oil into water. After that, soak in the cotton ball and then swab it on cold sores. Remember to always dispose cotton ball and water that have been used for this treatment. It is very important to prevent infection from spreading.
  • Essential oil for cold sores: Oregano oil. Second essential oil as the solution of cold sores problem is oregano oil. For your information, oregano plant rarely gets affected by disease, fungus, or pests. It happens because it contains natural oil that possesses strong properties of antimicrobial. This oil will help reducing inflammation on cold sores and drying blister. How to use oregano oil for cold sores? You just need to dab one or two drops oregano oil on cotton swab. After that, use it to directly apply on the sores area. However, you must not use the swab against cold sores. In order to prevent spreading infection, dispose the used cotton swab afterward.
  • Essential oil for cold sores: Peppermint oil. The third beneficial oil for cold sores is peppermint oil which contains antiviral properties. This property works well to heal cold sores. This kind of essential oil has inhibitory action to fight against herpes simplex virus. It is more effective to use this ingredient during early stage of cold sores infection.

Finally, that is all explanation to answer the question of what essential oil is good for cold sores. Hopefully, it helps a lot.