5 Signs of Your Body Metabolism Are Impaired

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5 Signs of Your Body Metabolism Are Impaired

The metabolism has an important role in the body, one of them for burning calories. The better the body metabolism, the more calories are burned.

metabolismAlong with increasing age, the body metabolism gets declined. However, it is normal.
In addition to age, some other things can also make performance of metabolism decreases, it is characterized by the following symptoms.

1. Mercurial moods
The metabolism is not working optimally makes you feel lethargic and feel a bad mood.

2. Often feel tired
Fatigue can be triggered by many things, including the lack of sleep and rarely exercise. But if you often feel tired, it might be a sign that your metabolism slightly slower, because your body is not doing a good job in changing food intake into energy.

3. Flour and Sugar Cravings
Cravings become the body’s way to enlist the energy intake. If you are eating well and getting enough sleep, but still have a strong desire to eat certain foods, it means your metabolism does not effectively change the food you eat into energy your body needs.

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4. Skin and hair become dry
When the body metabolism is not working properly, the body does not do with cell regeneration normally. However, this can also happen if you suffered from malnutrition.

5. Feel the cold
Your metabolism also helps to produce heat. When your metabolism is running slow, you may be feeling the cold.