How to Add Essential Oils into Lotion

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Adding Essential Oils to Lotion

You’ve lastly made a decision to bite the bullet and take first step your own skin care product line. Anything the case might be, you’ve looked into creating body products and have indeed come to find that essential oils are an essential, no wordplay meant, part of the development process. Adding essential oils to lotion is a magnificent method to accomplish this, save amount of money and have a good time all as well. When you blend essential oils in a lotion base, it brings in all the healing qualities to the lotion along with the scent – providing you a non-oily method of using essential oils.

Essential Oil Dilution in Lotions

Making your personal lotions is remarkably simple. Essential oils are not the identical as cologne or spice oils. Generally, there are at least 300 essential oils usage today; however the typical home just needs about 10 or so. This is specific advantage should you want to use essential oils to an individual with a skin problem that may not take well to oily carrier oils. You can begin with simply a few basic components and take hardly any time to create. As soon as you feel certain with each recipe, Start with little batches of lotion and increase the quantities. As you get used to making your personal aromatherapy lotions, you can buy broader range of essential oils and base oils.

Unscented base, like liquid cream and lotions, can be bought from your regional drug store. The total portion of essential oil to a lotion should not surpass 3%. Please make sure that you blend the oil effectively into the lotion as well as that you are not sensitive to the essential oil of your option. The blended lotion should be kept in a closed bottle, and in a cool location. To avoid any unforeseen allergies, we do recommend that you carry out a skin patch test to look for any allergies.

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  • Sandalwood essential oil, 20 drops.
  • Odorless body lotion, 8 oz.
  • Carrot seed essential oil, 5 drops.


  1. The very best method to mix the essential oils into the lotion is to put the lotion into a bowl, add the oils then blend effectively.
  2. When combined, add the lotion back to the bottle utilizing a funnel.
  3. Sandalwood [/emaillocker]and carrot seed oils really help cure dry skin. When mixed side by side, the sandalwood oil has a beautiful abundant fragrance.

Enjoy exploring with other essential oils in this formula. Do be sure to follow the safety preventative measures for each essential oil that you utilize and prevent essential oils that are known to trigger skin soreness. Lotion contains more pure water than cream; therefore, it is thinner and less slippery. The stability of lotion makes it perfect for normal to oily skin. It has the perfection of spreading quickly and does not leave a slippery coat over the skin. Adding essential oils improves its healing value.