Is Coconut Oil Good for Chapped Lips

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Chapped Lips?

Our lips are among the most fragile parts of our body and it needs a subtle and similarly intentional care for it. The delicate and gland free skin of lips is too fragile to bear it all and begins chipping through chapped lips. Is coconut oil good for chapped lips? The reply is yes! Coconut oil is abundant in essential moisturizers and anti-oxidants. This oil helps to make the lip’s fragile skin softer, smoother, youthful, and much healthier. The nutrients in this oil add lots of moisture content to treat the dry skin and make your lips soft, cuddly and smooth.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Chapped Lips

Coconut oil is a terrific component for skin care including dry lips. Maintaining your lips, smooth, flexible and hydrated is a continuous fight throughout the year. If not managed, it can cause cracks, sores and bleeding in the lips. Coconut oil is actually a medium chain fatty acid and because of this has trans dermal properties. That implies that it has the capability to effectively permeate through the skin into the subcutaneous layers. When put on the lips, raw coconut oil permeates the lip cells and brings all the qualities of the oil under the surface area where it helps to ease the soreness and swelling. Coconut oil is helpful treatment that you can use regularly to keep your lips hydrated. Now the concern is how to use coconut oil for lips. Listed below you can find some methods to utilize coconut oils to alleviate dry, chapped or cracked lips.

  • Coconut Oil with Sea Salt. The rough texture of sea salt really helps to get rid of the skin blisters from the skin. It additionally handles any microbial development in the splits of the lips.  Blend 1 tsp. of sea salt with 1 tsp. of coconut oil right into a bowl. Swab the formula around your chapped lips, and then rub carefully with your hands in a little circular movement. Wash your lips off and wipe a natural lip balm. Wait for around a minute or till your lips feel soft. Clean with a clean cloth and rub your lips dry.
  • Bare Coconut Oil. You can utilize coconut oil in either liquid or solid form for this procedure. When they’re feeling dry, swab a few drops of the oil into your lips a few times a day. Generally use coconut oil on the lips several times a day. It will keep the lips revitalized and smooth. Well before sleeping after dark; leave some virgin coconut oil on the lips to renew them during the night.
  • Coconut Oil with Olive Oil. The fats found in olive oil can nourish the skin layer. Olive oil enhances the sustenance of the skin as well as help to reduce the complexion. Combine one tbsp. of coconut oil, one tbsp. of olive oil in a little bowl. Stir the components properly with a desert spoon and store in a little jar with a cover. Rub this lip balm during the day to rehydrate your lips.