Are Marshmallows Good for Sore Throats

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Are Marshmallows Good for Sore Throats

Sore throat is one of health problem that can occur to anyone. When such problem happens it must be very uncomfortable and painful. It should be treated as soon as possible before it is getting more serious. Are marshmallows good for sore throats? To answer such question, you are going to know more about marshmallow for sore throat in the following section. Among home remedies for sore throat, marshmallow is said to be useful one. Let’s check it out!

Are Marshmallows Good for Sore Throats: Finding the Effectiveness of Marshmallow

Before answering the question about are marshmallows good for sore throats, apparently the juice from this plant could be used for the treatment of sore throat and dry coughs. The shrub had been valued since hundred years ago as it has healing properties. It is also popular to have soft sweet taste. Nowadays, active chemicals taken from marshmallow plant are extracted. After the roots and leaves are extracted, they are put in the form of capsules. It can be consumed when the problem shows its first sign. It is said that this plant will work by encouraging loosening catarrh and mucus from lungs. For sore throat, it will coat the tissue as well as protect tissue against the infection.

·        It is more effective that cough mixture

So, are marshmallows good for sore throats? It is said that it is more effective ingredients than cough mixture. There was clinical trial found in early 90s which showed that this ingredient was more effective compared to two common mixtures used for cough. The key ingredient of this shrub is called as mucilage. This substance has characteristic like gel and liquid. It is able to soothe and protect the inflammation of mucus membrane and other tissue. This beneficial substance is made of sugar and protein. Even though this ingredient was used by people for many centuries ago, marshmallow has been used by people these days. However, the use of plant extract was already stopped since years ago.

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·         How to take marshmallow for sore throat

How are marshmallows good for sore throats? Marshmallow is one of helpful remedy for sore throat. If you tend to get the problem of sore throat and persistent cough often due to some factors, your workplace, or because of the environment, you can try this home remedy. You can try to take marshmallow in the form of capsules. It is available in many health stores.

You can take two capsules as much as three times in a day. You will notice that your condition is improved and starts to recover within two days or forty eight hours. It helps you feel much better. Taking two capsules of marshmallow three times in a day will be normally sufficient for warding off cough and throat problems. These capsules can be opened up as well. You may add it into hot water and take your medication as marshmallow tea.

·         Precaution

Some said that marshmallows juices are harmless. However, there are several studies which suggest that it is able to interfere with treatment or diabetes. It will lower absorption rate in the body. So, it will be the best for you to consult with your doctor before taking the medication using marshmallow for sore throat problems. Furthermore, if your throat problem is getting worse, proper medical treatment will be needed immediately. That is all the discussion to answer question of are marshmallows good for sore throats.