Boiling Eggs with Baking Soda

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Boiling Eggs with Baking Soda

This time discussion is going to talk about boiling eggs with baking soda. You can try to add some baking soda into pan while the eggs boil. By doing this, you will provide effortless way for peeling the eggs later. The addition of baking soda is able to help adding alkalinity into water that makes egg shell hard. Thus, it can be removed easily. There is a recommendation to refrain using fresh egg. If you use the fresh one, its shell does not peel easily. However, when you use baking soda, it is going to help alleviating such problem. Check the following explanation regarding some tips to boil egg with baking soda and how you do it.

The Process of Boiling Eggs with Baking Soda

  • Check the egg’s age. Before boiling eggs with baking soda, you need to check its age first. If you want to get best result, it is better to use older egg than very fresh one. You could check it by putting the egg into water. After that, see the position of egg in the water. It is indicated as fresh egg if the egg lies on its side and sinks to bottom. Meanwhile, it is indicated as rotten if the egg floats. So, you need to discard this kind of egg. The ideal one would sit on bottom part in which its narrow end is floating upward.
  • Warm them. After you get the ideal egg for boiling eggs with baking soda, now you should warm them. Put eggs into bowl filled with warm water. Do it until it is on room temperature roughly. You can prepare a pot filled with water while egg is warming. In this case, it is important to make sure that the pot you use is quite large for egg to sit on one layer of the bottom. After doing this step, do not start heating water yet.
  • Adding baking soda into water. The next step of boiling eggs with baking soda is of course adding baking soda into water. The amount of baking soda to be added into cooking water is as much as one teaspoon. You may add the egg when baking soda has been mixed in. Make sure that there is enough amount of water in that pot which can cover egg by an inch or more. You may add more water if it is necessary.
  • Cook the egg. Now is the time to cook them. Set the heat in medium-high. You should watch the cooking water carefully. When it reaches strong simmer, you may remove pot from heat. Never let water to reach rolling boil. Then, cover that pot with lid. Wait for ten to twelve minutes.
  • Cool the eggs. The last step of boiling eggs with baking soda is cooling them before peeling. Put some ice into bowl filled of water and put all eggs into this ice bath. You need to crack the bottom and top part of egg. Roll it gently on the side before removing its shell in the water.
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