What is RC Essential Oil

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What is RC Essential Oil

Essential oil extracted from plants is becoming popular among people. There are a lot of essential oil products that you can find in certain stores. This ingredient presents the benefits for treating some health problem. One of them is RC essential oil. What is RC essential oil? Basically, it is powerful blend of three types Eucalyptus oil with Cypress and Spruce oil. It is made specifically to provide support and soothing effects. It works great especially when applied over chest or bottom of your feet. Its energetic aroma will be able to keep you motivated during workout.

What is RC Essential Oil: the Variety, Procedure, and Tips

  • Variety of RC essential oils. Now, you already know briefly about what is RC essential oil. For more information, this essential oil has several different varieties of RC blends. The first three are taken from Eucalyptus family including Euclayptus globulus, citriodora, and radiata. The next variety is Myrtle oil as supportive ingredient for skin, hair, and respiratory system. Fifth is pine oil which is able to soothe stressed joints and muscle used for massaging. Sixth, it is Marjoram essential oil which is beneficial for simple nervous tension occurred occasionally. The other four are Lavender, Tsuga, Peppermint, and Cypress essential oil.
  • How to use it. After you know regarding what is RC essential oil and its variety, it is important to use the oil properly. So, how to use it? You are allowed to use RC essential oil for two different purposes. Each application has different procedure to apply. The first one is for aromatic use. In this case, you should diffuse the essential oil for about thirty minutes three times daily. Secondly, for topical use, you can dilute it as much as one drop with one drop of olive oil. After that, apply it as needed on the affected area. You have to keep them out of children reach. Remember that it can only be used externally. Keep this oil away from mucous membrane and your eyes. You need to consult with health professional if you want to use it during pregnancy, nursing, medication, or certain medical condition.
  • Product tips. Another important point related to what is RC essential oil is the product tips. You may rub it over chest as well as back part of neck before doing workout in early morning. You may place some drops of RC essential oil into shower or hot water. While warm water will soothe and calm you, the diffused oil in the steam will give you empowering and invigorating experience. You may also apply this RC oil onto wrist and chest area to brighten the outlook during errands at early morning.
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During winter season, you can use RC oil by making hot compress for soothing your chest and providing more comfort. Put fifteen drop RC essential oils in two cups hot water. Use a bowl to mix the solution. After that, wet a towel, ring out, and then put on your chest with dry towel at top part. That is all explanation of what is RC essential oil.