Essential Oil for Burns Doterra

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Essential Oil for Burns Doterra

External injury, such as burning requires immediate treatment. You can rely on essential oil for burns doterra in order to soothe burning effect and dissolve the scar. Some oils are safe for children and the rest still takes cautions before applied for them. The next section will provide top essential oils to handle burns doterra.

Top Essential Oil for Burns Doterra

  1. Peppermint oil. You should apply oil after the burn area is clean and cold. Before treatment, use cold water to keep skin at low temperature in order to reduce the pain. After that, you can try peppermint as one of essential oil for burns doterra. Pour few drops of this oil on burn area. Spread and massage gently. You may consider aloe vera to create mixture for burn remedy. Mix peppermint oil and aloe vera gel then apply on skin. Wait for few minutes then rinse with cold water. Peppermint is recommended to treat this issue because it is safe for children. Soothing effect creates relaxing condition when touching the skin.
  2. Lavender oil. What is essential oil for burns doterra? Lavender oil will come up easily at the top list. This oil is popular for skin problems such as burn, hematoma, bruise, swollen, infection, etc. Lavender has natural antibiotic and antiseptic to prevent bacterial infection. As similar to peppermint oil, lavender is recommended for children, women, and elderly. The treatment is simple and easy. Pour few drops of this oil on affected area. Spread evenly and massage gently. Be careful when burn area looks as open injury. You need to use cotton bud to prevent direct pouring. Another method is steam treatment. Boil water then add few lavender oil. Wait until the water turns into steam then apply on burn area. Use clean and smooth cloth to cover skin.
  3. Chamomile. Chamomile tea is popular to drink for healthy purpose. Besides, you can try chamomile oil as treatment for skin burn. This remedy has useful properties such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. You can mix chamomile oil with coconut or olive oil to get more liquid.
  4. Tea tree oil. Quick remedy to handle burn on skin is tea tree oil. You just drop few oils on skin then wait for two to four minutes. Clean skin and do this treatment twice a day. Tea tree oil contains chemical compounds with ability to dissolve any skin problem immediately. It is harsh and sensitive oil, so be careful when apply it on children. Do not use tea tree oil for long period.
  5. Neroli oil. Having burn on skin will make scar. Old or new scars are not good for skin. They create uncomfortable appearance that needs to take care immediately. Neroli is one of essential oil for burns doterra to handle new and old burn scar. After cold treatment, prepare neroll and put it on skin immediately. Antiseptic in this oil increases the healing process.
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Five oils above have similar basic properties to dissolve burn effect on skin. You can use lavender or peppermint oils as preliminary treatment. If it is the closed injury, tea tree oil is good choice. Besides five oils above, there are some essential oil for burns doterra with the same capability. You may find them easily at local store for emergency.

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