Essential Oils for Hematoma

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Essential Oils for Hematoma

Do you know hematoma? It is health issue, which is easy to recognize from skin as the blood stays outside vessel. When you get injury such as in arm or leg, there is a dark mark which is very painful when you press it. This is called hematoma because external force dissolves the blood. There are some essential oils for hematoma to handle this problem. Essential oils are good remedy due to some benefits. In the next sections, you will see some oils with capability to overcome hematoma and guide to apply them.

Recommended Essential Oils for Hematoma

  1. Lavender. Lavender oil is good remedy for skin issue, particularly hematoma and bruises. For your information, bruise is different from hematoma because there is no collection of blood. Regardless the cause, people use lavender to treat skin and hair problem. As one of essential oils for hematoma, you can try two methods. Firstly, pour lavender oil using cotton bud. Apply directly on hematoma area and spread equally. Be careful not to press so hard because it can increase the pain. If it is possible, you may try to massage it very gently. Another treatment is steam. Open injury lets blood to come out from vessel and skin. Unfortunately, hematoma does not have open injury which the blood stays between vessel and skin tissue. Excess blood will create dark tone on skin. You need to let blood back to vessel slowly because of the part of defense mechanism. To help this process, use lavender to create hot steam then apply on affected area. Do not try to use sharp object to let blood gets out from skin. It is very dangerous, even in small patch.
  2. Tea tree oil. If you want harder compound in essential oils for hematoma, tea tree oil is good remedy. Hematoma also induces inflammation and infection. Teat tree oil is easy to use and very effective for external issue. Use cotton buds to spread this oil on affected area. Spread equally and wait up to two minutes. Do not massage or press skin to prevent pain and stiffness. For your information, tea tree oil is very sensitive to the skin and you cannot let to stay for more than five minutes. This oil is not recommended for children and pregnant women.
  3. Ginger oil. Ginger is popular traditional remedy. You can use ginger to help internal and external health problem. For hematoma, ginger is able to soothe the pain effect then dissolve blood immediately. As part of essential oils for hematoma, you can apply ginger directly on skin and spread evenly. Another method is steam treatment when hematoma area is wider.
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Three essential oils are enough as primary treatment before asking professional when hematoma reaches severe condition. Other oils are rosemary, chamomile, and hazel lotion. You may consider aloe vera in extract form as secondary treatment. Keep in mind that essential oil is different from carrier oil. Jojoba, castor, olive, and coconut oils are categorized into carrier oil that acts as similar to water. You can mix lavender and coconut oil in order to improve healing process. However, lavender still plays major role to make the skin better. Therefore, essential oils for hematoma will be good choice and safe to implement.