Essential Oils for Balding

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Essential Oils for Balding

Balding problem can occur in both men and women. The cause of this problem can be various such as stress which interferes with normal cycle of hair growth. Besides, when there is disease of immune system it can cause premature hair loss as well. Use some essential oils for balding which will be explained further below.

The Application of Various Essential Oils for Balding Treatment

  • HEAHECypress tree oil
    The essential oils for balding is categorized as Chamaecyparis Obtusa. It is the member of cypress tree family. This ingredient has been used in some beauty and health products. It is also used in shampoo product to help promoting hair growth. The treatment of this essential oil can help to promote hair growth more significantly.
  • Zizyphus jujuba oil
    For the next ingredient, it is Zizyphus jujuba as one of beneficial essential oils for balding. Many parts form this plant are used in medical purposes. There is even a study which showed that the use of this oil for topical application may link to hair growth.
  • Peppermint oil
    The next ingredient that you can use for balding treatment is peppermint oil. It is said that it has the properties for hair growth. This ingredient induced long and thick hair without any toxicity signs. So, it may help treating balding problem.
  • Pumpkin seed oil
    If you take pumpkin seed oil internally, it will help promoting the hair growth. There is a study regarding this essential oil. Among males with hair loss problem, forty percent of them showed the sign of increasing hair growth. The essential oils for balding taken from pumpkin seed contains of enzymes which are useful to treat hair loss.
  • Essential oil mixture
    The application of essential oil mixture can be used to promote hair growth as one of natural therapy. The application would be the mixture of jojoba, grape seed, rosemary, cedar wood, thyme, and lavender oil. These essential oils may be very beneficial to be used as hair growth treatment. A study also mentioned that the application of those ingredients did not show the adverse effects.
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In order to overcome the problem of balding, you should follow the right step in applying essential oil. Firstly, you should select one of ingredients mentioned above. After that, add five drops into every ten ml of carrier oil. Then, mix the well. Secondly, pour the blend into your hand in small amount and spread it across your hands evenly. Apply it onto your scalp and not your hair. Massage your scalp in small circular motion gently. Do not cause frictions too much since it could damage the roots of your hair.

After you do massaging for several minutes, you should bend over. Hang head lower than heart in order to increase the flow of blood. Meanwhile, still continue massaging the scalp. Keep the oil mixture on scalp overnight for better result if you feel it is practical. You can shampoo it afterward. Adding essential oils for balding into you shampoo, carrier lotion, or conditioner will be a good help to boost balding treatment.