Essential Oils for Bone Spurs

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Essential Oils for Bone Spurs

Bone spur may not be a serious condition but it deserves the right treatment. It actually is a bony that grows on the normal bone. It is an abnormal condition of extra bone and can be very painful. During the healing or recovery, using one of more essential oils for bone spurs can actually speed up the recovery. The oils can be quite effective to prevent worse condition from bone spurs. When this condition is not properly treated, it can actually cause tear and wear when it presses soft tissues or other bones. Usually, the bone spurs appear in shoulders, spine, feet, knees, hips and hands.

Useful Effective Oils for Bone Spurs

To speed up the recovery, applying or using the potential essential oils for bone spurs make a great way. Just like other essential oils, the oils for bone spurs do have the essential properties that can deliver great impact. These therapeutic-grade oils are easy and affordable to find they these are effective oils.

  1. Turmeric and Ginger Oil. Both of these natural ingredients are rich in anti-inflammatory effects that are very good for bone spurs medication. Not only are effective as medications but also have fewer side effects. This is the reason why the oils can be used in prolonged time. You need to simply consume the oils at least 3 times a day. Or, you can also consume the tablets.
  2. Herbal Poultice Oil. Here comes another choice of essential oils for bone spurs. This particular oil is miraculously healing. This oil is extracted from several vegetables like mustard and cabbage leaves. It doesn’t only remove the pain but also improve the circulation.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar Oil. This particular oil is rich in anti-inflammatory effects which is what you need to speed up the recovery. What you can do is to simply consume the oil in small quantities. Or, you can also apply the oil on the affected area. Before applying the oil, make sure to apply warm towel first to relax the affected area. Once using this oil, the pain and discomfort will be much reduced.
  4. Aloe Vera Oil. If you want to do a relaxing gently massage, choose aloe vera oil. This is particular oil that has been proven beneficial to bone spurs. This oil is warm when applied to the skin so it will make you feeling more relaxed and comfortable. And, it also protects your feet from any effects caused by excessive tear and wear. If you cannot find aloe vera oil, simply replace it with coconut oil.
  5. Linseed and Flaxseed Oil. These two oils are extracted from the same plant. They contain numerous amount of a particular form of omega 3 which is known as alpha-linolenic acid. This unsaturated fatty acid is proven to be effective in bone spurs healing. Use cloth that has been soaked in the oil and apply it on the affected foot. Wrap with plastic to stabilize the dressing even further. Repeat it at least 2 times a day.
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By using these great essential oils for bone spurs, your bone spurs problem will be healed much faster.