Essential Oils for Excema

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Essential Oils for Excema

Excema is a common skin problem is characterized with skin inflammation. Despite of various types excema, the most common symptoms include sensitive, dry and itchy skin. Doctor’s prescribed medicines are not the only ones that can cure this skin problem but the essential oils for excema can also help curing it. Usually, when a person suffers from this skin issue, he/she has rashes, blistering, swelling, warm skin, dark discoloration, oozing and also peeling. If you have some of the symptoms happening to you, make use of some of the best essential oils.

Most Effective Essential Oils for Excema

Excema or skin inflammation usually refers to pain, redness, tenderness and swelling in the body tissue. In general, it occurs as protective response against chemical irritants, infection and also injury. In most of the cases, skin inflammation is basically a wondrous healing mechanism. But in this case, immune system itself attacks the healthy tissue in error.

  1. Thyme. This is a particular essential oil that is rich in carvacol which is one of the organic compounds delivering function to defense against infection, swelling, pain and also inflammation. According to a research, it can reduce up to 65% if COX-2 expression.
  2. Clove. This essential oil is proven to be rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to reduce swelling and relieve pain from the dental surgeries. It is composed of up to 95% eugenol. It can reduce up to 40% of COX-2 expression.
  3. Rose. With sweet and flowery aroma, one of the best essential oils for excema, rose oil is rich in aphrodisiac and anti-depressant properties. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties and eugenol making this particular oil can lower the COX-2 by up to 30%.
  4. Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is one among the most effective essential oils for excema. It has proven to have various amazing benefits. With its earthy and fresh aroma, it contains high amount of eucalyptol which makes it ideal to be used in cough suppressants, mouthwashes and also insecticides. It can lower the COX-2 by up to 25% and make an effective treatment to relieve inflammation and pain.
  5. Bergamot. This essential oil is native to Italy. It is known with its fresh and citrusy smell. Yet, it is also known for its mood boosting and energizing effects. According to the research, it can lower the COX-2 expression by up to 21%. Furthermore, it can also reduce up to 63% of inflammation.
  6. Fennel. Fennel may not be very familiar to some people. Yet, this oil can suppress the COX-2 expression by up to 22%. It has anethole compound which makes it having the powerful anti-inflammatory qualities.
  7. Rose Geranium. This is another effective essential oil to treat excema. It is a native to Africa. For centuries, this oil has been used due to its soothing effect. It also contains high number of anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven to reduce swelling on the skin by up to 70%.
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With various essential oils for excema to choose, it is so much easier for you to treat excema and have your skin back to normal.

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