How to Get Rid of Hump on Back of Neck

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How to Get Rid of Hump on Back of Neck?

Do you have a bump or an annoying hump behind your neck? You are probably wondering how to get rid of hump on back of neck and improve your posture. A hump on the neck area isn’t only annoying but it also affects your posture. Aside from the fact that it affects your overall appearance, it may cause other health problems and issues – and you know you can’t afford that, right? So, how do you solve the problem, anyway?

The Potential Solutions for Hump on Back of Neck

Before getting a rush judgment about the bump, it is important to have your condition checked and examined thoroughly. A back hump can be caused by several reasons. There may be an extra fat storage on the back or there is a problem with the poor posture. Depending on the condition, there are different solutions for the issue as well.

  1. Surgical Procedure. If there is an extra fat on the back, doctors will have to examine it further to see whether it can be reduced or removed on its own or not. If the case is mild, they may advise you some diet plans or schemes to lose weight that will also affect the fat deposit. However, in a more serious case, it takes a surgical procedure to remove the fat pouch because it won’t go away on its own. That’s why it takes medical opinion from an experienced and credible doctor to determine the condition of the hump.
  2. Exercises. If the hump is caused by poor posture, some exercises are claimed to help. Such thing as neck retraction stretch can be done to correct the wrong posture. This exercise will ‘force’ the neck’s sternocleidomastoid muscle to lengthen and stretch, improving the posture over time. You only need to sit up or stand straight – hands on the hips. Tilt the chin downward while keeping the shoulders backward; try to keep them straight. Afterwards, retract or pull back the neck – reaching as far as possible. Do this as if you had a double chin. Keep the posture for a while and then you can relax.
  3. Machine Assistance. Besides the proper exercises to fix the posture, feel free to use the machine as well. The neck hypertension machine can provide a big help in fixing the posture. Simply place the head on the provided pad. Make sure that your posture is right and proper. Push back on the machine, working against the pad. This is one effective treatment on how to get rid of hump on back of neck in the safest manner.
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It is important to remember that consulting your doctor is a must so you understand the core issue of the problem, leading to finding the proper solution. If you are involving an exercise in the process, ask for help from professional trainer that can help you with the proper way and method. After all, you want the bump to be gone, instead of aggravating it, right? Finding the right help and expert is also an effective way on how to get rid of hump on back of neck.