Essential Oils for Fruit Flies

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Essential Oils for Fruit Flies

It is never been nice to have flies in around your food or when they are likely to appear in the middle of summer. One of ways to overcome this unpleasant situation is with essential oils for fruit flies. The fragrance produced by the essential oils can drive the flies away. Luckily, flies are creatures that do not like something clean and nice aroma that human likes. Therefore, as long as we keep our house and surrounding area clean, we will not get disturbed by the buzzing flies. Alternatively, we can use the nice aroma that the bugs hate such as ones produced by some essential oils.

Some Effective Essential Oils for Fruit Flies

The most disturbing thing from having flies around is perhaps the buzzing sound that is loud and tingly. Unfortunately, these small animals are most likely to be around in clear warm days that supposed to be a nice time to enjoy. It is because flies are more prevalent in warm weather and love to stick around to dirty places or smelly spots. There are some flies traps that you can DIY to build such as glue trap or jar trap. But there is also more enjoyable way to get rid of them, with essential oils for fruit flies. The three kinds bellow are most commonly used as fruit flies drifter.

  1. Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemongrass is a plan that has a lot functions in human daily life, especially in cooking. The plant does not only produce fresh and relaxing aroma but also soothing taste when it becomes complementing spices. The use of lemongrass as essential oils for fruit flies is becoming more popular as it does not only prevent flies from keep coming around, but also spread nice odor to the whole room. The typically herbs plantation odor will soon fill the air once you put a couple drops of lemongrass essential oil to the aromatherapy bowl.
  2. Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is long known as an effective plant which can get rid of insects. Many mosquito sprays has present the lavender fragrance as their ultimate product. It is because the aroma is lovely for human sense even when insects hate it. Planting lavender in your home and put it near the dining table or your meals will keep them from fireflies. But if you are not plant person or when finding the plant nearby is not easy, having it as essential oils is more preferable. It is certainly simpler because you can just put some drops of it to the plastic flowers or burn aromatherapy candle that have its fragrance.
  3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil. The third most preferred essential oils for fruit flies is eucalyptus essential oil. In addition to the amazing ability of the vapor to hush flies, it has lovely soothing aroma that could refresh the tired soul. The oil that is driven from eucalyptus tree also has the power to soften skin, which is why it is usually mixed in to the message lotions
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The three oils offer nice and lovely fragrance to your living space beside its main function to get the flies away. Having essential oils for fruit flies is thus more favorable than having flies traps.