Essential Oils for Lowering Cholesterol

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Best Essential Oils for Lowering Cholesterol

High cholesterol relates to some health issues and lowering this thing is crucial. You may experience high cholesterol due to excessive fat from food. However, cholesterol is not bad when it is available at proper level. Instead of drugs and medicine, essential oils for lowering cholesterol are alternative for safety remedy. There are many essential oils with capability to reduce cholesterol, but only few of them are truly remarkable with excellent result. Why is essential oil? Normally, you can get any oil from every plant, but essential oil is pure form which has less unnecessary compound. It is slightly similar when consuming juice, but the oil is purer. The next sections will provide some oils that considered as alternative for cholesterol treatment.

Best Essential Oils for Decreasing Cholesterol Level

  1. Coconut oil. You cannot forget coconut oil when discussing about essential oils for lowering cholesterol. Some experts put this oil as non-essential due to raw and crude level. If you intend to use it as cholesterol treatment, virgin coconut oil is better than crude one. This oil contains lauric acid with capability to dissolve excess cholesterol. Besides, this oil comes in handy to convert cholesterol in order to maintain stable condition. Using this oil is simple such as cooking. Try to use purer coconut oil to reduce fat. Using this oil is like double edge sword. When you choose wrong crude level, oil turns into bad choice. It is better to spend more money for buying high-level oil with ultimate compound.
  2. Olive oil. People have used olive oil since ancient time. This is precious commodity for trading, especially in Middle East and Europe. Olive oil is good to reduce cholesterol due to certain acid with capability to balance body metabolism. As one of essential oils for lowering cholesterol, you can use this oil without worry about side effect. Take olive oil as replacement for cooking. Regular diet with olive oil will deliver low cholesterol level immediately.
  3. Cinnamon and clove oils. Cinnamon is good recommendation to control blood pressure. Besides that, this ingredient is able to maintain cholesterol in check. To gain high capability, oil form is better than raw cinnamon. Clove oil is at same level with cinnamon. You can treat cholesterol problem through combination between cinnamon and clove oil. Application of both oil are simple and easy. Cinnamon and clove are added as additional spices during cooking. You just pour few drops of oil into food. Another method is to create mixture between clove and honey. Prepare a glass of warm water then pour honey and cinnamon or clove oil. Stir and mix until blend completely. Drink regularly for better result and health. Therefore, essential oils for lowering cholesterol must put them on top list.
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Three oils are enough for starting point. You can find coconut and olive oils at store. Other essential oils for lowering cholesterol are rosemary, bergamot, basil, oregano, and ginger. Those oils are being used for internal treatment. Be careful not to consume in undiluted form.

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